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Zombies! Hundreds Of them

On the 27th of March, the Zombie horde returned to Sydney, as the Second Australian Gamers United Zombie Walk brought over 500 zombies, and about 40 or so Zombie Hunters, together to protest against Australia’s absence of an Adults Rating for Video Games.

Our Business is to Muster Zombies

Now considering the departure of South Australian Attorney General, Michael Atkinson, personally I would have thought that a protest march for an Adults rating was a rather moot topic, considering that both the Ratings biggest opponent was now gone, and the fact that his replacement was actually in favour of the Rating. Thankfully, Australia has another electronic issue that sits hard with a number of the advocates for an R-18+ Rating; that would be of course, be the Mandatory Internet Filter.

Considering my history of covering both the Internet Filter, and the Ratings debate, I was given the choice to participate in any of the discussions that would come up in the course of the day, or simply participate in the march; naturally I chose to help out, also considering, I’m naturally loud person, apparently loud enough to be heard, even further than a loudspeaker, which when mustering over 500 people is apparently actually a good thing when the group kept getting separated.

Despite a small detour caused by an unknown bylaw, which didn’t seem to be an issue during the last march an some rather candid pictures with the police who informed us that we were unable to travel through Darling Harbour, the organisers had to change the route on the fly, but thankfully, it didn’t seem to slow the march down.

Roughly three and a half hours following the start of the march, the marchers pulled themselves back to the fountain that served as the initial meeting point, where everyone took the chance to sit and recover from the over 20,000 steps that they had just stumbled through; At the end of the March, I hung around the fountain, to chat with the organisers; and yes, it did take a lot out wearing all that black tactical gear; I also noticed that there was more than one Zombie that had passed out or had decided to fall asleep in the gardens.

In all, it was an amazing turnout, with at least four times the number of zombies than last time; hopefully, this act, will cause some ripples in the rest of the community.

Chatting with some Zombies


Things big t can do without: lackluster zombie movies

Quote of the post:  The past is a phantom that haunts you from the moment it exists until the moment that you don’t.


The Resident Evil series.  Night of the Living Dead.  Dawn of the Dead.  Land of the Dead.  These are amongst the greats of the wonder that is the zombie genre.  Even House of the Dead 2 had an honest charm (the movie – not the videogame, which needed a dubbing crew that actually knew how to speak English).  I have just, however, been subjected to something that does not even qualify as B-rated.  Zombies, Zombies, Zombies is the substandard tale of a group of strippers and whores that are forced to hide inside a strip bar after coming under attack by zombies, the origin of which is – wait for it – a drug dealer who mistakes an undead-creating virus for crack.  The depths of this film’s plot-related  idiocy does not end here, as the beasties proceed to swell their numbers by killing anyone stupid enough to park in the gore-drenched car park and try to nonchalantly walk past the lurching monsters to buy some horizontal recreation.

Spoiler alert:

(Though if you plan to actually seek this movie out you deserve everything you get)

The movie reaches its climax (no pun intended) when the zombies finally bust into the building and the hero realizes that his blood is the antidote to the zombie virus and thus feeds himself to them, causing them to die in an explosion of red pixels and strawberry juice.

Perhaps my biggest gripe with this parody of all that’s good and gory (though I’m actually still wondering if a parody is what they intended in the first place) is the fact that the black pimp survives.  This classic horror cliché, which, for those of you that are unaware of the finer points of horror themes, means that the black fellow meets his untimely end in the first half of the storyline, has been unsubtly sidestepped, and the African American character in question is the most annoying, rapper/pimp stereotype in known history, to the extent that I wouldn’t be surprised if even liberally-minded members of the unfortunate audience would cheer at his apparent demise and then groan in despair at the revelation that not only has he survived, but is attempting to chain up and continue to whore-out one of his now undead employees.

In conclusion, this film is a prime example of how the latest streak (once again, no pun intended) of zombie films have gone downhill.  A note to future directors of such movies: tits – especially so obviously fake ones – do not make up for a lack of…well, everything else.

And with that, my first gripe is complete.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed whining in it.  Cheers.

Flaming Halo Zombies

Apologies for being away for the week, I haven’t had the time to write anything; namely for the fact that I haven’t been home, and the second is the fact that, it is freaking hot here. The last three days we have experienced 40+ Celsius temperatures, and tomorrow we are supposed to have the highest recorded temperature in the Country, so I’m not expecting to be online much if at all, due to the infrastructure not used to those temps until Monday when the temps return to a more fitting 20 degrees.

One high point in my week has been the announcement of the Halo Wars demo becoming commercially available, along with another three vid docs.  Granted this information means nothing to you unless you are a Xbox 360 owner, and like the Halo franchise, but I have to say, judging from what I have seen, Ensemble Studios, (who unfortunately will be closing following the release of the game), being the premiere RTS developer, it seemed to me at least that they may have finally captured the elusive RTS Console game, a market that has been filled with countless failed attempts to convert the PC perfect market to the limited key system of the consoles.
Halo Wars is an excellent game and I recommend everyone who has not already downloaded the demo do so as soon as possible, as the game itself is released on the 28th, if financially possible I plan on purchasing the game, and I hope to have a review of it when it is released.

I have also noticed that recently that people are succumbing to Zombie Fever, and while there are a number of excellent Zombie movies out there in celluloid history, it seems that recently, the franchise has been bombarded with a plethora of sub standard skin flicks that seem to be in existence purely as an excuse to show off a pair of badly built DD’s, the more obvious examples are Zombies Zombies Zombies and Zombie Strippers. Granted Zombie movies have been B-grade at best, it unfortunately has meant that there is a lot of excuse for unnecessary and I might say horribly fake bodies.
Though my other half might offer an opposite opinion to this, at least Terence see’s the same.