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Zombies! Hundreds Of them

On the 27th of March, the Zombie horde returned to Sydney, as the Second Australian Gamers United Zombie Walk brought over 500 zombies, and about 40 or so Zombie Hunters, together to protest against Australia’s absence of an Adults Rating for Video Games.

Our Business is to Muster Zombies

Now considering the departure of South Australian Attorney General, Michael Atkinson, personally I would have thought that a protest march for an Adults rating was a rather moot topic, considering that both the Ratings biggest opponent was now gone, and the fact that his replacement was actually in favour of the Rating. Thankfully, Australia has another electronic issue that sits hard with a number of the advocates for an R-18+ Rating; that would be of course, be the Mandatory Internet Filter.

Considering my history of covering both the Internet Filter, and the Ratings debate, I was given the choice to participate in any of the discussions that would come up in the course of the day, or simply participate in the march; naturally I chose to help out, also considering, I’m naturally loud person, apparently loud enough to be heard, even further than a loudspeaker, which when mustering over 500 people is apparently actually a good thing when the group kept getting separated.

Despite a small detour caused by an unknown bylaw, which didn’t seem to be an issue during the last march an some rather candid pictures with the police who informed us that we were unable to travel through Darling Harbour, the organisers had to change the route on the fly, but thankfully, it didn’t seem to slow the march down.

Roughly three and a half hours following the start of the march, the marchers pulled themselves back to the fountain that served as the initial meeting point, where everyone took the chance to sit and recover from the over 20,000 steps that they had just stumbled through; At the end of the March, I hung around the fountain, to chat with the organisers; and yes, it did take a lot out wearing all that black tactical gear; I also noticed that there was more than one Zombie that had passed out or had decided to fall asleep in the gardens.

In all, it was an amazing turnout, with at least four times the number of zombies than last time; hopefully, this act, will cause some ripples in the rest of the community.

Chatting with some Zombies


Calling all Gamers and Brain Eaters

16549_202859276256_592721256_4376377_623800_nIn conjunction with Gamers for a Proper Rating System in Australia, the DocNetwork is proud to bring to Sydney, a Zombie Walk of Epic proportions.

Now this isn’t just any ordinary Zombie Walk, the overarching reason for this, is to raise attention for the abysmal state that the Australian ratings system is in. This has been in response to the fact that Left4Dead 2 had been banned and subsequently censored to allow for its release. Symbolically this Zombie Walk brings a call to action about the fact that Australia still does not have an R-18+ rating for games. So if your a Gamer, or just like Zombies, please come along, have a laugh.

The path that will be taken will start at Hyde Park.

The route is as follows: Hyde Park war memorial at around 11, and making our way towards Town Hall at 11:30.
After screwing around for as long as we think is necessary, we’ll be heading down George street, and up Ultimo Rd to Darling Harbour, where screwing around will re-commence.
From there, it’s down Pyrmont Bridge, and down Market St back to the Hyde Park fountain.

For more information and to let us know if your attending, please visit the below link and mark that you are attending.

We’ll be there and we’ll be covering this event on the fly. So we hope to see you there