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Doc’s Going to Melbourne

Evening folks.

As I write this, I have exactly seven hours before I am expected to travel into Victoria to assist my fellow Knights Hospitallier (that’s the Ancestral Name of St John Ambulance) who have been pushed to the limit, and desperately need some relief. The Victoria Divisions put the call out for as many interstate members as they could to help out and Doc answered the call, and will be heading in to do what he can.

I was supposed to go into Victoria on Monday, but a unit had already been formed, and was already on its way, however, I received a call from my Duty Officer saying that a second force was being mobilised and I was going to head into Victoria tomorrow morning; I was initially told that I would be going in next week, but it seems that they want an overlap of members.

I have spent all of today running around making sure I had everything I needed, and I have to say that St John Ambulance issue Duffels, DO NOT fit the required days of civilian clothes and Uniforms, for 5 days, three maybe, but 5, not a chance. Especially when you add all the other equipment they want us to bring, I will write up the list when I get back, I can understand how the Paratroopers felt during WW2.
Yes that’s right folks, Doc is being deployed into Victoria for a week, but do not fret, the DocNetwork will continue during this time.

I will be getting into contact with Terence, to find out when his Gripe list will be written, and hopefully seeing if he can start writing additional columns, and I will be writing daily reports, though they will be a LOT smaller, but that’s because they will be written on my N95, as I have to leave my beloved notebook at home.

During this time, I will be handing the custodial duties over to two TWiT Army members, who have offered to hold the fort until I return.
For the duration of my deployment, I have appointed Kiwinerd, and Felix, to the Editorial staff. They will be responsible for comment approval, and general maintenance of the blog. Felix will also be responsible for migrating my reports from my Vox mobile account to this one, as the free WordPress doesn’t support mobile publishing.

Felix will also be sending me updates and questions through the Vox system, as I won’t have access to Twitter… well I am going to try and get a hold of Twitter whenever I get a chance.

Once again I would like to profusely thank Kiwi and Felix for offering to watch the place for me.

During this time, the Twitter notification system will NOT be operational, as I will not be here to update it, so please swing by daily to see what’s happening in Fire ravaged Victoria.


Blue Thunder

When I woke up this morning, and gave Leo Laporte a brief interview on the TWiT Network, updating him about the Victorian Fires, considering the fact that there are a number of Australian TWiT Army members, Leo was concerned about the safety of a number of members, in particular Army member bear3931 who lives right in the fire zone, the DocNetwork extends the prayers of our staff, as well as the rest of the TWiT Army, Bear, if you read this, drop us a line, and tell us how you’re doing, we would love to hear from you. You may view the interview here; the video is hosted by kiwinerds

I had hoped that I was going to have some partially good news to report about the Death toll remaining the same it was at the last time I reported it, but unfortunately, I have been recently informed that the Death Toll has increased to 181, and the earlier prediction of it hitting the 200 point has been revised from the end of the week, to the end of Thursday, in fact the number has been speculated to reach 300.

As I have been keeping tabs on official news wires, as well as my string of contacts in the field, and it prides me to see that international assistance is appearing.

United Kingdom:
England has offered to supply its Australian contemporary whatever it may require to assist in regards to the crisis, the Queen has issued a public statement offering her condolences to those that have lost loved ones, UK PM Gordon Brown, has spoken to his Australian counterpart in relation to what assistance the UK can offer.

United States of America:
President Barack Obama has spoken to PM Kevin Rudd, offering his condolences, and offers the support of the US Government in whatever way the Australian Government requires, as 35 Veteran firefighting operation chiefs, aviation managers, planning section chiefs and specialists in land rehabilitation prepare to deploy to Australia within 48 hours, this is in response to 44 Australian and New Zealander Fire fighters assisting the US during their latest Californian Bushfires, however while no front line forces have been mobilised, sending American fire crews has not yet been ruled out.

New Zealand:
Australia’s oceanic brother in arms, has mobilised the largest international effort, by placing 100 fire fighters on standby to move into Victoria as soon as they are requested, along with these units, New Zealand has sent ‘Blue Thunder’ the largest Firefighting helicopter in the Southern Hemisphere, to aid in the efforts. The helicopter will fly under its own power to Norfolk Island, to Lord Howe Island, and on to Sydney, before it flies down to Melbourne and straight into action. Along with this, New Zealand Police have offered to send officers over to assist in the identification of fire victims.

Other States/Federal Assistance:
More than 240 fire-fighters from NSW, 95 from the ACT, 94 from Tasmania and 69 from South Australia and 22 from Western Australia have joined Victorian crews, along with disaster identification experts from around the nation. 400 Royal Australian Army soldiers, have been deployed to reinforce fire crews, and to assist police in corpse retrieval, NSW Ambulance Service, has been put on Standby to aid their Victorian compatriots, St John Ambulance NSW was on hot standby, but have since been downgraded, and will only enter should the situation deteriorate, however border Divisions are already in Victoria.
The relief fund including Federal and State Donations exceeds 20million AUD; I have been unable to tabulate a complete total, as sources are conflicting in the total amounts.

As this situation continues, the DocNetwork will continue to report the facts as we get them, we will start twittering news as we get it, as well as continuing to post information on the TWiT Live IRC Chatroom.

On a personal note, the DocNetwork will like to thank our loyal viewers, who have allowed us to reach one thousand page views in only four months of operation; we hope you stay around for another thousand.

Mcafee… you let me down.

I’ve been using Windows 7 for around a month, and I have already been affected by a major issue that only with the help of the excellent guys and gals of the TWiT Army helped me work out, though in the end I ended up figuring out what had happened.

Ever since I had installed Windows 7, I noticed that each Microsoft service I had on the computer, (Updates, Zune Marketplace, Messenger [though it wasn’t actually working anyway due to a compatibility issue]), automatically timed out, or report that there was no internet connection, even if everything else on my notebook would connect with no problem. Being under the bane of Telstra, and experiencing more or less the same situation so I thought that it was the case, we had reached our cap and Telstra had stalled our service, and I passed it off as that.

That was the case until the first of the month came around and nothing seemed to have been rectified, I did some looking, and online resources didn’t tell me anything I needed to know. Considering that Windows 7 is in Beta, I figured it might have been a regional issue, or just 7 having a hissy fit. I went to the TWiT chatroom, to see if anyone else was experiencing the same problem. At the same point I was trying to figure out what was going on with Messenger’s continual crashing at start up, McAfee’s detection protocols failing to update, and Update timing out.

After a process of elimination, aided by MirandaJanell, David522, and troubled among others, I narrowed the issue down to McAfee, the virus scan I get for free thanks to my father. In my research I discovered that McAfee, like a number of other anti-virus companies; were not compatible with the browser, but when the final release client comes out they will support it.

It turns out that McAfee’s Firewall was looking at the Windows 7 codes, that came whenever a Microsoft service tried to contact the internet as an unknown process, and blocked it.

It took a minute to uninstall the Firewall, and the torrent of connections nearly overwhelmed the router. But all is good now, so I am happy.