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Yarr ye salty scallywags

Ahoy mateys, it be a long time since I availed you all of tales from across the seas, but this old seadog has been busy searching the murky depths of the electronic oceans, looking for pieces of eight to share with me crew.

It be International Talk like a Pirate Day, Mateys, originally created in 1995 as a joke, and now has become a yearly tradition, now while I was aware of this holiday, this is actually the first, where I have actually remembered it was on.

As soon as I had woken that day, I was already yarring and ahoying just about anyone I came across, though by about lunchtime, it was actually hard to string words together into near coherent sentences, so by my brothers Birthday party, I was back to talking like a normal person.

Though I am aware that there are a number of people that spent all day speaking like a pirate, in fact I am well aware that a number of people that I know, that are devout Pirates.

Well ya salty Fiends, Have a flagon of Rum on the DocNetwork, and enjoy this pseudo-holiday, for this is one week, that I have more things on, then time to write about them.