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Star Trek SRU Carbine Build, part deux

14082011556I know its taken a while since I have updated this, but I have made considerable progress on my SRU Rifle, so much so that I finished. The first obstacle that I had to deal with was the previously mentioned muzzle problems, as well as if I was going to have a foregrip on the weapon. The next question that I had to deal with is the colour scheme I wanted to use. As you can tell from progress photos the end design is a lot darker than the one I worked with, primarily due to the nature of the Nemesis era Star Trek, when compared to my other props that I have, which are more from the TNG period.

I ended up going with the Nemesis Type 3 phaser muzzle assembly, simply for matters of consistency. The photos below also point out that I was able to finish the Optics Suite and work on the mould lines, though as a prototype it looks pretty good. Overall I am happy with the design, and I plan on building another simply to rectify a lot of the initial mistakes I made when I built the first one, if it works I might start mass producing them as a hobby. Because I had the time, I went and built a Pistol to go along with the Carbine, which turned out a lot better than the Carbine did


Also I finally got a Star Trek Uniform…100_2410



Costume Project: Nemesis Era MACO Carbine

Initial design concept

For a while now I’ve want to do something different and one night while looking over my ever increasing collection of toy weapons I discovered that I didn’t have any Star Trek weapons, an odd occurrence considering I had so many Star Trek costumes planned. Another reason was I’ve recently joined Starfleet International, the Star Trek fan club as a ‘MACO’ a fictitious posting within the chapter I’m apart of. As the club promotes the franchise and encourages Star Trek costuming I felt that an addition to my list was a costume that mirrored my position within the chapter.

The issue I discovered that while looking at the MACO, is that they were a new incarnation, developed for Enterprise, and never seen in any of the older franchises. Considering my dislike of Enterprise, I decided against adopting that era uniform, and as most of my other uniforms are from the TNG/DS9 era, I felt a design based on that era was more prevalent. However, that meant that I was designing the costume from scratch.

While the uniform itself is going to be a long term issue, one aspect I was able to look at is the rifle.

Considering that I had commissioned a Type 3c Phaser Rifle, I felt that something smaller to supplement the roles of MACO’s was more appropriate. which was started the MACO Project that I have been working on.

The Mark 36-G is a Personal Defence Weapon utilised by Starfleet MACO and Marine forces as a supplement to the larger, more popular Type III-F Compression Rifle.
It is designed following tactical encounters with both the Borg and Reman Remanent Ground forces aboard Starfleet Vessels to be used in conditions where the larger rifle has been found to be unwieldy, namely in counter boarding operations where the possibility of MACO and Marine response teams have to move between decks via a starships Jefferies Tube System; a method of travel made almost impossible when using a Type-III.
Designed to utilise the same Sarium Krellide Powercells of standard phasers and rifles, the Mk 36-G is also designed to mount additional combat packages, to increase its usefulness. The downside to the smaller frame of the Mk 36-G is that it is useless as an improvised melee weapon as the Type 3 has been used in the past. However its size far smaller than most ‘assault’ weapons of races marked by Starfleet Intelligence as ‘potential threats’ means that Starfleet MACO and Marine personnel are less likely to tire from extended operations of having to carry a larger, heavier rifle

Its based on the G36K Submachine gun, namely because the one I had broke at the stock at Supanova Brisbane, and its fate was in limbo, and because the weapon has a futuristic look to it. I have seen Phaser rifles built off the XM8 rifle, but I felt that all that would have done would have just built a new long rifle.

The first issue was how to take a 21st century submachine gun and turn it into a 24th century carbine, the main glaring point was the fact that Star Trek weapons don’t have visible magazines and iron sights.

I also initially toyed with the idea of following the design of the Enterprise MACO rifle, in that having a fore grip, but at the same time keeping with the design aesthetic of the TNG Movie era rifles. The issue with having a fore grip on this weapon was the painful similarity the MACO rifle had with the early TNG Phaser Rifle, and alternatively the initial design I had for the Carbine. 

The design I came up with (above) was a simple mock up I made, before realising the still unresolved issue of the muzzle. Removing the forward iron site leaves the front of the weapon looking blocky and counter to the rest of the design. I’ve looked at a number of different concepts that I’m not entirely happy with so for the time being the muzzle stands. I also planned on adding the bracket connecting the rear of the stock to the handgrip, but all attempts to get it to sit properly and have it able to be carried countered each other. By appearances there isn’t enough space to allow it without major modifications to the grip and stock. 

At this point I am still attempting to build the Optics suite that is on the First Contact Type 3 Rifle, the one that is pictured above. But at this point its not easy, alternatively I have a spare scope setup that I have lying around that I might use as well. Aside from that I’m in the process of cleaning up a lot of the break lines, as well as the speaker port.





Star Trek 11: Rebooting where no man has gone before

Warning Spoilers and ranting

I always enjoyed Star Trek, it was one of the few constants that followed me growing up, I especially enjoyed The Next Generation and its follow on franchises, with the exception of Voyager. I would also like to point out that I despised Enterprise, however, I did watch it on occasion.When I heard they were making an eleventh Star Trek Film, I was initially happy with the news, until they announced that it would be a prequel movie.

Now there are few things that I dislike about Hollywood, the main one is movie and TV makers, deciding that long running, popular franchises, like Star Trek and Star Wars, who were made some thirty years ago, need something to go before them, despite the fact that technology has already surpassed what they had in the supposed futuristic franchise, this act makes the trademark incarnation seem now out of place with the pace of things. This is most noticeable in the bridge between Enterprise, the Original Series and The Next Generation. Enterprise itself seems more advanced than the Original Enterprise, so my initial impression of this movie was already going to be jaded.

When it came for Star Trek 11 to come out in cinema’s I went into the theatre with the impression that one of two things would happen, that Abrams might actually breathe new life into an already iconic franchise, or he was going to destroy the franchise akin to the likes of Micheal Bay and his Little Robot rendition of Dawsons Creek, unfortunately the two movies share a common thread, as they were both written by the same man, so if there was one man to blame for both, it would be Roberto Orci.

As it seems, that both may have happened, yes this movie is a fresh perspective on a groundbreaking franchise, a show that had the first black female main cast member, and had a Russian on American TV, in a Cold War Era show, but at the same time, he might have also destroyed the established franchise. The risk associated with reboots, especially ones where the Producer intentionally branches off from what was already established, is the risk that the new content will remove what came before it, for example, modern Children think Transformers are those giant robots from the Bayformers pic, not the characters that I grew up with, likewise, the Star Trek of today, is not the same iconic show I was brought up with.

I was always going to be critical of JJ Abrams, known for this point for making excellent drama, but not really delving into the scientific. And while he did make one massive change to continuity, the movie might have been able to rest on its own without the whole Time Travel aspect, that part alone is the major gripe I had with this movie.

I expected from the onset that Abrams would redesign the iconic Enterprise, as well as with the various pieces of technology; Tricorders now look like PDA’s, and more closely bridge the handheld devices on Enterprise and The Next Generation, the Phasers took an incredibly odd turn, with a spring loaded barrel, switching stun and kill. That alone was an oddity, considering that every other phaser had to be manually changed from the two settings as they were defensive sidearms, not weapons.

Considering that the original franchise was written in the 60’s and modern technology looks far more futuristic than the stuff that was used in it. It was inevitable that he would update the Constitution class vessel, to make it even more futuristic, considering what George Lucas did in the Prequel trilogy, I expected it, and while it does look like an advanced craft, unfortunately, it looks even less like the predecessor to the Next Generation Enterprise than the ship that it replaced, but then even the ENT Enterprise filled that criteria as well.

The various trademark locations on the ship also received a revamp, the ships Sickbay (called Medbay for some ungodly reason) looks similar to the infirmary of the ENT Enterprise, while the Engineering deck, looks like the Nuclear reactor aboard an Aircraft Carrier than a 22nd Century Starship, hell the ship that came before it looked far more efficient, so in the hundred and forty or so years between Enterprise and 11, technology not only got bigger, but got less powerful? the ENT Enterprise was able to reach Warp 5 with dramatic shaking, now 11’s Enterprise is supposed to be far superior, and faster than its predecessors, then why the hell is its top speed Warp 4.5? I know they changed the warp scale for TNG to try and reign in the ever increasing speeds, but come-on, this ship is supposed to be top of the line, and yet a ship from a hundred years previously can travel faster than it.
The Bridge itself, followed the colour aesthetic of the TOS counterpart, but it also seemed unnecessarily cluttered for a high-tech spacecraft, Abrams used the excuse that he added a dozen or so people to the bridge to make it appear busy.
Now Modern Naval vessels normally have a bridge crews far smaller than the fifteen plus that manned the bridge of the Abrams Enterprise, and yet they are quite busy, now a busy looking crew can be performed by proper training, sharp dialogue and was performed quite well in every previous rendition of Star Trek, who only ever had a bridge crew of six-seven principle, and maybe another 5 characters that stood around the background the bridge looking busy, you don’t need to fill a space it with bodies to make it busy, as it causes the opposite effect, it makes the ship look inefficient.

Aside from some exceptions, the casting and dialogue seemed very fitting of the characters that pioneered the franchise that allowed all other iconic Sci-Fi franchises, while the actors did look like younger versions of the TOS cast, with one exception, there was only two that actually acted like their original character. McCoy, and Kirk, however, it should be noted, that while Karl Urban pulled McCoy off very well, his dialogue seemed forced, almost as if he had to have the various McCoyisms out there (I’m a Doctor not a XYZ’ and many references to Spocks Vulcan Heritage), all the other characters, while performed well, failed to grasp the spirit of the person that donned the uniform before them…and dont get me started on Chekov, everytime that man abused the w’s and v’s that made the original Chekov adorably annoying, just made me want to throttle him, several times the phrase “Shut up! your not even supposed to be in the movie yet” were uttered at the premiere.

Aside from a slight Russian annoyance, a minor gripe came up, and that was the absence of Redshirts, sure the two things that I remember from TOS was the uncomfortable sexual tension between the shows three principle male protagonists, and an endless string of expendable underlings, I mean they could have killed one off? and no the Chief Engineer does not count, as he was neither an Ensign, nor a minor character.

While overall the movie was well written, it was obvious that Abrams was going to beat the ‘alternate reality’ aspect of the plot to its very limit, while realistically there was only one major change to the movie that they could have done without and that was destroying Vulcan…I mean sure Abrams said that he was going to make changes to the franchise, sure adding Chekov a good three years before he was supposed to is a change I will eventually accept, but blowing up an entire freaking Planet? especially one of the biggest in terms of plot arcs? why couldn’t he blown up some no-named planet, like what really happens, I mean Vulcan is not Alderran, so stop ripping ideas from Star Wars.

While the movie in of itself was a entertaining reimagining of the franchise that pretty much brought me up, I look at this movie the same way the Bayformers movies, if you went into this movie looking for a Star Trek Movie, you will be disappointed, if you went into the movie with the expectation of a well written science fiction movie with lots of action, then you may have found your movie