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Site Updates and info

I would like to apologise for the absence of posts lately, unfortunately there has been very little to write about in recent weeks, coupled with the fact that I am in the process of looking for a new job, on top of working on occasional typing jobs that I have been able to secure; this has resulted in a decline in the number of articles I’m putting out. It also doesn’t help if Telstra has spent most of the month performing testing on the local infrastructure, resulting in a sporadic, unreliable, connection.

While this has been occurring, I have been toying with the idea to once again move the blog to its own independent domain, however, like last time, at the present point in time I’m holding it off, simply because if I did, I have no real idea just what else I would put on it, but if anyone else has any suggestions, please feel free to contact us. The only reason that I have looking into this is that, we have been reaching a thousand views a month, and I am not entirely sure how long until I start getting emails from WordPress asking us to move on.

Due to my increased workload, I have realized that even if I had something to write about, the chances of me having something ready every day is entirely unlikely, considering that on Monday and Thursday, time I normally spend writing, I am usually out, this means that Mondays and Thursdays there will be no new content released, Fridays will be a report from Thursday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be about anything that arises, and I know I always say this, but I will have more content, but there will be more reviews, and more breaking news…well if there is any news.

In coming days, I have a few things I’m already working on, so please stay tuned, and don’t worry about the new guy, he means well.

Ye Old Blog Post

Once again, it seems, that I will be going away for a week with St John Ambulance, however, this time, it is for a less than sinister reason. During Easter, the New South Wales Branch of the Society of Creative Anachronism host their Rowany Festival, a week long event involving armoursmiths, merchants, and men dressed as Knights beating the crap out of each other with Bamboo swords.

This will be the first time I attend this event, and if possible, I will be covering it for the blog. However,  I know going into the Festival, that I wont have cell coverage, so I will not be blogging over Easter.
I will be retuning next Tuesday, and I will be having a full article covering the last two weeks at that same time.

Instead of trying to make my 500 word minimum, I am going to cut this one short, as I am quite tired and I have an early day tomorrow, so Happy Easter Everyone, and I will see you on the other side, with more video, more photos, and more coverage of the stories that interest you.

Site Updates: Doc’s going on Vacation

Hey folks, since I have been more or less trapped inside the house for the last six months, I have decided that I will be taking myself away for the weekend, leaving tomorrow, for a brief vacation before I start the winter season of Rugby Union, that and my batteries are completely drained following the fact that I have not been employed actively since November.
The fact that this weekend also falls on the same weekend and Brisbane Supanova, just happens to be a coincidence as I will be in Sydney.

Some of you would have noticed that the DocNetworks Twitter feed has gone a little stationary, despite the continued coverage, that would be because of a reason that I am not entirely sure of, but when I do log into the account, it doesn’t seem to come up, the account is not dead, and I still encourage you to add it. I have put aside any and all attempts to fix it until I return, so for the meantime, the blogs feed will be distributed through my personal twitter account, which you are all aware of, even if you aren’t on Twitter, those on Facebook, receive my Status Updates, through Twitter.

I am not entirely sure as to what kind of connection I will have when I am on my vacation, but then I haven’t picked my destination on if I can get an ADSL line out, I have picked it so I can have some time to relax.

Aside from the vacation, in honour of Brisbane Supanova, I have taken the Legion Officers BDU out of storage, there are one or two things of that costume that I was not to happy with, however, I think that after this week, it will look different, but hopefully people will still be able to tell that it is me.

With Sydney Supanova about 4 months away, I need to pull my finger out and finish my special project, otherwise it will never be finished, though I am not entirely sure as to how it will all turn out, all I know is that it will be my first legitimate project.

I have received a number of interesting and thoughtful responses from many of my readers, and I have read a number of excellent blogs. If you would like to be involved in a link exchange, where a link to their blog will reside here, and a link to the DocNetwork will sit on yours.
While I have been happy at the recent visitation, I am disappointed as I received my first flamed response, While I will normally allow all comments, unless your Matt from Russia who seems to keep using my blog to sell his promo’s, under normal circumstances, I will also respond to your comment, either on the blog, or if the issue is sensitive, I will respond via email, however, I may upset Zeiva from the TWiT Army, as I have not made my blog Pink, though I have on occasion looked into the prospect.

I have once more looked into the prospect of a paid domain, though I am still looking for the right one, if you have any recommendations of what Domain the DocNetwork should have, please drop us a line.

Site Updates

Some of you might have noticed that we have changed a few things, we will be changing the theme of the DocNetwork, though I am not sure just what theme we shall be changing to, while I enjoy the current theme, it doesn’t quite fill our needs as we hope to change into a more professional looking blog, on the same hand, I do like the dark colours, harkening back to the fact that this place used to be called the Darkside of Life.

While we are talking about maintenance, the DocNetwork is looking for a new logo, though to be completely honest, I am not sure just what I want the new logo to be, other than I think I should have a separation between the Blog and my novel, as they both share the same logo.

Apart from the cosmetic details of the Blog, we have added a direct Twitter account for the DocNetwork, so you can ask any questions you might have, as well as follow it to be aware of all updates on the Network. You can alternatively follow me on Twitter; I am trying to get Terence on Twitter, but he doesn’t seem to have the time to do it.

Other than this, I would like to invite everyone back to the DocNetworks normal publishing; however, we will update our readers of the progress of our past stories, should anything else come up.

Jeebus its hot here

A very sweltering 38 degree Australian Evening to you all. I have a few things to talk about, and I would like to welcome my new Facebook readers, who joined me after the last article. I hope that I can continue to keep you guys entertained through the entire run of this blog, and if there is anything you think I might be interested in covering, please drop me a line.

I have the pleasure of announcing that the day has finally arrived. The TWiT Army Sound Off has premiered to what I have been told is an excellent start, with over a hundred downloads in the first hours alone. Coupled with close to 400 downloads of the promo; this podcast has the making of something great.
The Premiere episode featured one of the inner cloister of the TWiT Army, none other than the owner of the service, kiwinerd, a physics professor, and a good friend of the Darkside. Next week’s guest has already been named, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.
If you haven’t already listened to the podcast, you can hear it at subscribing will not only support the show, but it will also make sure you don’t miss any further episodes.

I can also at this point in time announce that Kiwi was one of a number of highly talented ladies that were all approached to fill the position that was eventually taken by Darth Emma on the show, the other contenders were MirandaJanell and EastCoastGirl, and I have been told that it was a extremely difficult decision to make, one I am glad that I didn’t have to.

While I have that privilege to report on, on a more personal note, I have located my old Samsung YP-T10 4gig Mp3 player, a device I thought I had lost while enroute to the Rugby Union that I during the winter months attend as the team’s First Aid trainer. Oddly enough the device was in my St John Field Duffel, a bag that I have taken out on more than 50 duties, all the while with this thing in a side pocket, I had thought it was empty.
Placing the now outdated device next to my 2nd Gen 4gig Zune, and I can say, that apart from the user interface, (touch vs. click wheel) the two black devices look virtually identical, but then the new iPod Nano looks just like these two as well. It seems that most devices these days just look like each other and all your paying for these days is the brand name.

As I stated earlier, I have finalised payment of my Nerf Vulcan, and I have about 6-10 days before it arrives. So stay tuned for video of its unboxing

About halfway through this article I moved from my room to the meat room… sorry living room on the bottom floor of my house, which is where my stepfather (yes that one) likes to set the air con on Corpse Preservation, my personal opinion that due to his various lifestyle habits, his bloated form is actually decaying… well that or he is a zombie. Well the Frigid south that is the ground floor is the perfect counter to the sauna that the upper story becomes thanks in part to its positioning of windows. I almost burnt myself on the touchpad of my dear Toshiba as it trooped through another 40 degree day, since then I was booted back upstairs as my mother started to feel sick in relation to the heat from the place I am now reporting from…Sometimes I hate this place.

On a lighter note, the Darkside is proud to welcome a new contributor, well we are hoping to, but from now on we shall be joined by my partner in crime for nearly a decade, Terence, who will be giving his thought of the whenever he posts, and his ever humorous quip of the day. My lovely partner Tikara might pop by from time to time as well.

I would like to thank everyone who has been with me through the reporting of the Sound Off, and I would like to extend my hand to you, asking that you stay around; who knows you might enjoy it.

Get One Nerf gun, get a post about Site Updates

For a change, instead of blogging from Bed, this is what I’m usually doing at or around the midnight that I usually blog. I decided to watch some TV, after working on getting my CS-6 Longshot working…only to discover that the only problem was that the Nerf Dart was the problem, not the locking mechanism that I had reported earlier.

This discovery was only prevalent after I had taken the entire meter long rifle apart. and noticed that the Nerf Dart had been chewed up by the Recon, which for some reason seems to do that all the time; though I am not sure if that is a design flaw, or if it is just my one, but then Bryce has said the same happens with his, so I’m ruling out the latter.

With the Sound Off only days away, I don’t have very much left to tell you guys other than make sure you subscribe to it. If you don’t, and depending on permissions, I might start blogging the podcast. Well that’s a maybe

In between wiping gun oil off my hands, I have been tinkering with the pages of blog, trying to get some semblance of order, or at least try and clean it up. I have now broken down the Costuming Section into Legion specific costumes, and those of other or my own franchises. I’ve also finally added a section for my novel, and will have downloads and other information that will keep people in the know.
There are some new Links, and new link categories. There is a lot that still needs to be finished.

While blogging downstairs was different, I discovered that the ground floor of my house has two temperatures, Morgue cool room, and sauna, so I have since abandoned the TV, and retreated to my room, where the temp is cool; normally anyway.

Since I am still a little giddy over a piece of news I broke in the last post, I thought I would cover it again. I am the proud owner of a Vulcan Nerf Minigun…well I will in about a week or so, pending Customs let me ship the thing in from the United States. Oddly enough they have no problem with a guy carrying assorted prop firearms on Commercial Airlines, but may take issue to a yellow and Orange Nerf Gun.

I should have a fair idea by week’s end if I have the Vulcan or not. So keep up to date by subscribing to the RSS Feed.