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Its amazing how fast a year passes.

Thanks to a rampant case of writers block, I apologise for not posting. However today is a very important milestone for the DocNetwork so I took my new Nokia E-71 outside and started writing. This day 12 months ago, the first ever post of what would become the DocNetwork was published on the Vox Blogging Network. It wasn’t until November that year that very same post was reposted on WordPress and we haven’t looked back.

In the space of 12 months we have covered such diverse things, ranging from the Australian Governments Mandatory Internet Filter to covering the horrific bushfires that devastated Victoria live from the fireline, (even if those reports are still classified). We warned you about swine flu, and saw the inauguration of America’s first African-American president.

We’ve been featured on the TWiT network twice, interviewed by Leo Laporte, and was integral in the success of the TWiT Army podcast. Most recently we gained a Facebook fan page as well as a Blog Twitter account to help you contact us, and to this end, both have been very successful.

It’s been a very productive year for us, we’ve gained writers, and had others move on, but even if they don’t write for us they still hang around, Big T still pops by when he’s not at university, and will be rejoining us in summer for our first attempt at a podcast, our Warhammer battle reporter will be returning shortly after a long break away from the warzone.

Throughout this time the DocNetwork has been helped by a group of volunteers that have worked thanklessly to keep the news flowing, and it would be amiss of me to neglect them.

I would like to thank both Felix and Kiwi for watching the blog whenever I’ve been unable, MirandaJannell, NiteInJail, Zeiva, and the other TWiT’s who have been so supporting during this difficult year. I would also like to thank, you our loyal readers, those who I have met I thank your kind words and intelligent conversation; with special mention to Trapper, Therese, Anna as well as our ‘number 1 fan’ Anne-Marie who surprised me on my own birthday by presenting me with the DocNetwork’s fanpage. Most of all I would like to thank my dearest Chantelle aka Tikara, who has not only stepped in on occasion to be my Dictaphone, but has had to put up with long nights and me raging over reports my feeders give me: you are my inspiration, our many fans and readers are the only reason we keep going. And for that we thank you.

To date we have had 8147 visitors, we average 5 posts a month not including February and march where there more days posted then not, to a total of 91 posts. Currently the average monthly page view is 600 which is impressive for a fledgling blog.

As we speak we a finalizing the first ever Blogging challenge, designed to commemorate our first year, and while we have only 5 entrants the work coming out is pretty good. Hopefully next year will be even better:

Once again we would like to thank you all for helping us survive our first year and hope you join us for the next one.