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At least one South Pacific Government see’s reason

As I stated in the last article, the New Zealand Government yesterday, officially announced that the publically denounced Section 92A Amendment, ceases to exist; following what reports in New Zealand state, as a failure of the ISP’s and the Entertainment Industries to find any form of common ground to reach an agreement on the proposed law, which had necessitated the original postponement of the Amendment back in February.

New Zealand Minister for Commerce Simon Power, said yesterday, that “Cabinet today decided that section 92A of the Copyright Act 1994 will not come into force on 27 March as scheduled, but will be amended to address areas of concern,” While this is a victory, what concerns me, as well as a number of other technology bloggers, is that while in its current form, the Amendment has not gone away; there is nothing stating that the Government will rewrite the entire thing, or if they will change one or two minor issues and hope for the best.
Ever the skeptic, I suspect that the only reason the Government withdrew the Amendment was because of the electronic tongue lashing they received from the masses, and that it will be back, though we are not entirely sure as to when this will be the case, or what it will look like.

The Kiwi Blackout Protest showed the world what online communities geared around social issues, do in fact work, while the end result was brought on by the entertainment industry unable to come to terms with the ISP’s had it not been for the BlackOut campaign, the rest of the world would not have been aware of if, I know for certain, had it not been for the TWiT Armies kiwinerd, informing me about this event taking place, I probably would never have covered it.

While I am happy for my Kiwi brethren, I feel torn somewhat ashamed at the same time, that while the Kiwi Government can openly come out and say that this Amendment does not work so we are going to fix it, while its counterpart over the ditch, can’t seem to pull their finger out and realise that if a hundred thousand or so people, from a country of only 21 million are against something, and the number one and three ISP’s in the country are against it as well, and the number one ISP is still partially owned by the same government, and yet is against it, that maybe, just maybe, that it doesn’t work, and they should stop doing it.

According to reports, the whole S92a debacle, was brought on as a result of foreign interests, in particular the RIAA, as a way of clamping down on P2P file sharing. Had the online communities not stood up to this, then New Zealand would have been a horrible guinea pig for other countries, however its failure sets a precedent to prevent this from happening again.

I will continue to cover this, and the Internet Filter as more information becomes available.


Oscar Blackout

As I look down at the clock and discover that thanks to the return of St John Ambulance training, the time I would have normally dedicated to writing this article, was spent at training; ah well, the more trained I am, the better I will be when I need to call on those skills.

Today found two events occurring; one was the New Zealand Blackout, and the other was the Oscars, despite the time zone differences, they both fell at least partially in today. One of these the DocNetwork has been following with interest, the other I have been avoiding like the plague.

According to New Zealand Government, they have put an official stay on the S92 Amendment that was covered in a recent article, moving its activation from next Thursday, to the 27th of March. Though the Creative Freedom Foundation; the orchestrator of today’s Internet Blackout, is declaring this event a victory, we, at the DocNetwork, are a lot more sceptical about this, and as a result, we will not be changing anything until the NZ Government removes the amendment entirely. This act seems a little more than a bluff to try and fool the non-technocrat majority of the nation, so that they can introduce this amendment at the later date once it has left the minds of the masses. We hope that Kiwi technocrats realize this for what it is, and don’t let up on their campaign, will they be certain that it will succeed.

Compared to other blogs that I have been sent links to, or have stumbled on while on the lookout for new content to write about, the DocNetwork has been exceptionally clear of anything related to the Oscars. Now this has nothing to do with anything, other than the fact, that the whole concept of awarding someone just for doing their job, and televising it for the entire world, seems incredibly moronic to me.

What’s more, it seems that every category that can be awarded will be awarded to the late Heath Ledger, an actor that couldn’t have dreamed for the publicity his death had garnered him.
For the record, we don’t want to speculate on why this is, or anything else relating to Mr Ledger, though this isn’t about respect for a great actor, its more to the fact that he has been dead for over a year, and what has been said has already. The Writers of the DocNetwork moved on from this topic a good week after he died, simply because the jokes weren’t funny, they weren’t then, and they aren’t now. We moved on Hollywood apparently didn’t but since I have decided to not cover the Oscars, I will leave that statement there, though that might also have something to do with the fact that I don’t to have to filter a hundred angry responses from Heath Ledger fangirls.

As for the event itself, I stand by my statement, all this is, is an awards ceremony for people doing their jobs, I mean what’s the hype about? You don’t see the Annual McDonalds Awards ceremony, but then that might also be a good thing, cause if they did, who would serve me at 2am…

Ah well, it’s over, so I can avoid it until next year when the madness starts all over again