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Is the Filter really gone??

The news has only just broke so not all the reports are in yet; but it would seem that the Australian Federal Government has officially decided to not submit the Mandatory Internet Filter in either the May or June sessions of Parliament, considering that the Government does not reconvene until the end of August, it is highly unlikely to be passed into law before the next election.

While this would be the latest election promise of the current government put on the back-burner, this is the first that a majority of netizens are not complaining about; aside from other members of the public who have slammed the government for dropping another election promise, completely unaware just how much damage this promise would have caused if it went ahead.

Despite reports yesterday, stating that the Filter was not being submitted to the Senate in the next two sittings, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has come out today, almost in response to the global sigh of relief, to state that the government had no intention of dropping the filter, and planned to still introduce it, though as of yet, there has been no actual timetable.

In a earlier post I commented that when the Filter was Green-lit, its supposed to have already been submitted to the Senate, been approved, and technically should be in operation as we speak. But as we can plainly see, the Government has even less faith in their filter than the rest of the Public does.

Rumours have been running rampant as to why this is the case, whether it is due to international pressure from internet content organizations ranging in size from Leo Laporte’s TWiT Network, to the massive corporations such as Microsoft and Google to drop the Filter; even the US State Department, through the US Ambassador to Australia stating that there are better methods of tracking illegal activities online.

Unfortunately there is very little information about why this has happened; except that it has, so while other people may be jubilant in the belief that the Filter is gone, this seems to be a lot akin to some speculation that I and other bloggers have had, that this might just be an election ploy, drop it now, before the election, be re-elected, and when everyone’s attention has been diverted something else, re-introduce it.

Counting the Cost

Yesterdays hopeful news that I had planned to announce came true today, for a complete 24 hours, the Death Toll has remained at 181 confirmed dead, however, the number of missing has increased from 80 to 100, authorities have also stated that the death toll will reach 200 by Friday, though the Victorian Coroner has made provision for 300.

Apart from the human cost of this disaster, wildlife officials have stated that nearly one million animals, including native animals, livestock and pets, have been killed as a result of these fires, some of which may have been lit by human intervention. As a result of several reports from Victorian Police, a Special 100 strong Taskforce Phoenix, has been formed to investigate the a large number of the fires that have been deemed to have been lit by human involvement, there are fresh reports that new fires have been deliberately lit as late as last night, sparking an outcry of condemnation from Authorities and the public alike.

While the DocNetwork initially reported that over 30,000 hectares (misspoken as acres in the interview with Leo Laporte) had been destroyed by fire, an updated, and more accurate total of 400,000 hectares (or 1 million acres; or the state of Rhode Island) has been declared destroyed by fire, with a nearly a thousand homes destroyed.

To try and counter the cost of life or property the Federal Government has said that they will spend however much it takes to rebuild fire ravaged Victoria. However DocNetwork is very critical of the Federal Government at this time, as on the one hand they are vowing to rebuild these towns without fear of cost, they are on the other hand, testing a flawed Internet Censorship Policy, where Prime Minister Rudd tries to block websites that his Government finds Objectionable, in a vain attempt to stop internet Child Pornography, a blatantly illegal attempt to control Australians web activities. The DocNetwork will be running a separate article of this technological atrocity at a later point.

Aside from the 35 American Fire Experts, the United States is sending an additional 60 experts that will be crucial in rebuilding the devastated fire areas.

Please stay tuned to the DocNetwork, as we will continue to cover the Victorian Bushfires.

Sound Off

Ho-Rah TWiT Army. For those of you who took the advice of the Darkside and added the Sound Off to your podcast client; you would already be aware of the information I have to share. If you did add the Sound Off to iTunes or whatever, you would have been greeted by a new promo podcast featuring the dulcet tones of the Frogman. If you didn’t add it, or haven’t checked, you can also listen to the Promo right here.

With three days left until the Launch, I can tell you that the team are hard at work applying the finishing touches to their podcast, and they are ready for the first show on Monday.

As most who have seen me on the IRC chatroom, would have noticed that I have started ranting about wanting a Vulcan Nerf Minigun, well I can say, that I now own one…

Well not exactly, as it hasn’t been shipped yet, but I do own it…eBay is a wonderful thing, considering that even Hasbro has run out of the things. I will cover the unboxing here, in case you were interested.

Have fun folks, I had very little left to cover, so I’ll see you around

Happy New Year Folks

I woke up this morning to see the disassembled remains of my CS Longshot scattered about my work bench, and I wonder, just what in the hell was I thinking last night, and that I probably should make an effort to fix it sometime today.

As no doubt my New Year means a lot of work for me in costuming, especially if I’m to get my secret project finished by June.

But it won’t just be a lot of work for me, as guys over at the TWiT Army Sound Off have a long three months ahead of them, not that they have the blessing of the Illustrious General of the TWiT Army, Leo Laporte himself; while they have been hard at work for a month already, they did so under the fear that they may not be able to produce the show the way they wanted to. But now with endorsement from the Major Domo, they can proceed with earnest, and with only 4 days until launch, they have a lot of work to do.

With the pace they have been working at, they have welcomed TheFrogman, the creator of the TWiT Army, into the team. He will be doing the job of voiceovers, everything from intros to the end of the show. While I haven’t heard anything at the time of this article being posted. I will have something in relation to a promo available sometime between now and the premiere.

Sometime last night 30gig Zune Owners experienced an issue being dubbed Z2K9, and as a Zune owner, I send my condolences to my fellow owners, but as a 4gig owner, I wasn’t affected by this problem. Hopefully your devices are working again by lunchtime tomorrow.

I think that will be all for today, just reminding everyone to add to your podcast capture client, and to visit for the premiere of the new podcast.
I have also been told to extend the greetings of the season from the Sound Off Crew, as well as the crew of the Darkside.

Keep your eye here and see sneak previews of the Sound Off

Stand to!


Part three in the Exclusive that is The Darkside’s report on the TWiT Army Sound Off Podcast, and since we have exactly 6 days until the launch of the first episode I have been cleared to pretty much divulge all I haven’t already done so already.

While the show will be focused around Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech, the creators of the show are still seeking permission from Leo, namely to use his copyrighted logos and material, while Leo is a gracious man, I will keep you updated on that particular progress. As we are on the topic of copyrightable material, Dave has told me that he approached, and received the blessing of TheFrogman, the nucleus of the TWiT Army.

I have the honour of unveiling the Album Art of the new Podcast, (pictured above) and giving you for the first time, a taste of the theme song called “Techno-Rifle” which you can hear by clicking the following Link

The Theme was made by Paul Minshall of, maker of such TWiT Classics as the Themes for Jumping Monkeys, Net@Night and the Daily Giz Wiz. He also made the Audible jingle, so you know that everything is staying within the family.

Speaking of staying in the Family, I am pleased to announce the Hosts of this new podcast. While most of you would be aware of Dave aka NightInJail from the IRC chatroom and the TWiT Army Feed who steps in as host of the show. He is joined by Troubled and Darth Emma and a Guest commentator, who is picked from members of the TWiT Army. The guest will vary from week to week, but each is promised to be interesting and someone who has a lot to say.

Again if you want to be on The TWiT Army Sound Off, please contact Dave at the Sound Off’s address and to add to your netcast catcher client (iTunes, Zune Marketplace etc)

While this is a wrap of the info that I have, there will be a sneak peak available only on the Darkside, a promo of the podcast available here, as well as some details that didn’t fit into this report

See it First, Hear it here

Keep Watching folks.

I know my last post stated a lot of stuff (ok, it stated very little), that has caused a number of questions, granted it didn’t tell much, well that was the trade-off, I was limited to reporting only a small amount of the expected new content that is fast approaching, and in return I got exclusive access to as much data as I could get my e-hands on.

Now, as the date of Launch is fast approaching, I have been granted the permission to give a few more titbits to you, my ravenous readers. I haven’t had this much to report on since the last time I was in print journalism.

Firstly I would like to point out again, that I am not involved in this project’s development, I was just approached to break the news. I have a hard enough time keeping a blog to even think about making a podcast. Though it doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it once or twice.

While the main focus of this new project, whose name has been confirmed at least for the time being as The TWiT Army Sound Off will be a review of that weeks This Week in Tech Podcast; it will be a community driven experience rather than a user end one.

The Sound Off is the brainchild of Dave, better known as NiteInJail, Mod on the This Week in Tech IRC chatroom and creator of nearly every one of Leo’s transition screens, used in his TWiTLive video stream, which ties into the other titbit I leaked last night, but I will go into more details about that, once I get my head around it.

While I haven’t heard an entire show yet (as none are finished) I have been told that it will be a way to get to know the people behind the IRC handles and TWiT Army feeds that are mentioned quite regularly in the TWiT Networks podcasts, especially those that we, Leo included, turn to so often.

The team that are behind this venture have been hard at work for about a month now, going through the tweaking and refining process to produce what they are hoping to be a consistent 45 minute program. While I was the first person outside the development team to hear any of the podcast, I can say that this past month has been very busy for them.

The TWiT Army Sound Off is hosted for at least the next three months on the lovely servers of, owned and hosted by the lovely Amanda better known as kiwinerd in the chatroom and the TWiT Army Feed. The direct link to the podcast is and the feed for your Netcast client is, so get it ready as the 5th of January is only a week away.

If you want to be on future episodes of The TWiT Army Sound Off, then please direct your emails to Dave at the Sound Off’s dedicated account here at

Please stay tuned to the Darkside, as we are still the first place to get the scoop on this.

See if first, See it here

Watch This Space…

The Dark Side has the honour, privilege and Global exclusive to bring to you what could possibly be the start of something absolutely ingenious.

A Trio of the TWiT Armies best, have come together to release a Podcast by the TWiT Army, for the TWiT Army.

This new Podcast will be a weekly commentary of that week’s This Week in Tech podcast, produced by Leo Laporte, which in itself is a great Podcast in its own right, and from what I have been given exclusive access to, this will be no different.

While I am not at liberty to say a lot, due to the fact that it hasn’t been released yet, and they are still ironing out some kinks, what I can tell you is that it’s going to be released on the 5th of January.

I have learned from a little bird of major technical changes for TWiTLive that will make the live stream more appealing, though more on that later

So Watch this space, as more information will be revealed as I get permission from the creators to release it. Oh and you won’t see anything you see here, anywhere else as I have been given the exclusive.

See it First, See it here