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iFreaking don’t believe this!

In June of this year, Kraft Foods released a new version of Vegemite with an alleged new taste, and a twist to the ingredients. Now I haven’t tried this new spread, or know of anyone who has, but its existence has generated a lot of publicity, and met a lot of scepticism, akin to the ‘New Coke’ product launch of the ‘80’s. Like the original that was first introduced to the world in 1923, the naming of this supposed reinvention of a classic, was put to the masses to name it.

And last weekend, they picked a name, from 48,000 submissions, unfortunately, it seems that Kraft had collectively lost their minds, the announcement was made during the AFL Grand final that they had picked their winning name… and that name was not something harking back to the original name, or something fitting for a new piece of Australiana. It was of course, iSnack 2.0.

I’ll let that sink in a little.. no I didn’t think so either, and apparently neither has the rest of Australia. The reasoning behind it, according to Kraft, “the winning entry was chosen for its personal call to action and clear identification of a new and different Vegemite.”

You want to run that by me one more time, chief? Last I checked Vegemite was something you put on bread and ate as a meal, not some revolutionary product meant to spark the next technological advance. I mean all it is, is Vegemite mixed together with cream cheese; that’s it folks, not particularly exciting is it?
Though, even if you put this name alongside some of the other choices like ‘Ruddymite’ and ‘Snackimite’ that Kraft executives had to choose from the name still looks ridiculous. Now this as some commentators have mentioned, may have something to do with an American company picking a name for what could have been an Australian Institution, but I personally wouldn’t have minded Snackimite… though don’t get me started on Ruddymite.

As soon as news broke that Kraft where indeed genuine about naming the product iSnack, the Blogosphere became full of articles, most of which criticising Kraft for their decision, all of which run the gamut of criticism, some ranging from simple commentary about the complete failure of Kraft to connect with their target market, to one journalist, making the statement that this is the worse name for a product in the entire universe.
Kraft Communication Director Simon Talbot agreed the name was polarising — with  Gen Y liking it and the Baby Boomers “not quite getting it”. Unfortunately, Most bloggers are Gen Y, and they seem to be doing a lot of the criticising, so I don’t think it’s the Baby boomers who are ‘not quite getting it’ I think its the Kraft Marketing Department that need to rethink their strategy.

Now I Wouldn’t go that far to say that the iSnack is the worst product name in existence, as it already exists in the marketplace, as a Sandwich maker, and Breville have not commented if they will be suing Kraft for the use of the name they trademarked in 2000. 
I must, however,  agree with a few of my fellow bloggers, either this was the best marketing ploy gaining free publicity through being so bad that people have to talk about it, or its the dumbest decision made in the history of Kraft and that the product will be renamed soon, or it will forever disappear from shelves.