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Humanity is doomed

I received this in an email from a colleague of mine… it shows the response of a kid who had their World of Warcraft subscription cancelled.
Unfortunately even if it is fake, it brings to light a current and somewhat disturbing trend in electronic society, that is that people, like our dear associate below, have developed an overdependence or near social obsession with an electronic life or persona.

So when one of these external stimuli are removed, the results can often be disastrous, and if recorded, can be embarrassing if published, so much so, in this electronic world with the proliferation of devices capable of not only recording but distributing content to YouTube or Flickr. Even if most of the content being posted to hosting sites, usually depicts teens as the root of this eAddiction, there is also a growing number of dissatisfied Adults turning to the cyber realms, and using real world money to pay for it.


That being said, what exactly should be the proper response to this problem? Is blocking access to Online content an appropriate response considering that so many are already addicted to the Internet? or is the method employed in China, where addicts have their obsession with the web beaten out of them?

Most of this problem can be addressed purely by an old parenting technique, one that my parents performed, and that is, be involved in their life. The Computer/Gaming console is NOT a baby sitter, any more than the Television is, tell them the real world consequences of spending excessive amounts of time on the net, and further more, teach them that there is some things that just do not work online, when compared to their real world equivalent.

While it may seem that simply cutting off the payments to a gaming subscription is an adequate response, look at it from the eyes of the addict, to them the game is their life, and by denying them of this outlet, you have effectively ‘killed them’. While I am not condoning these actions, simply talking to the addict and informing them of what you are going to do may in the short term, prevent outbursts such as the above video.

And for the record, we also don’t a clue as to what he is doing with that remote control.