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DocNetwork <3’s the Gadget Girl

I regularly browse the blogosphere, looking for inspiration for new articles, and in some cases, just for a laugh, so I was pleased when Trapper, one of the many readers I have met personally, passed on the URL for a blog I have previously hadn’t visited, specifically the blog of the Queensland Courier Mail’s Technology Writer. Under normal circumstances I don’t visit the blogs of staff writers, as nine from ten, they are either as tabloid as the papers they work for, or they are simply not that entertaining…

The Gadget Girl just happens to be the exception to that rule, as not only does Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson cover all things tech, a task I would love to be able to do, but she shares the DocNetwork’s ambition to ‘Fight the Good Fight’ so to speak, and has on several occasions, she has spoken very critically of Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and the Mandatory Internet Filter with a number of rants akin to my own, the difference being, is that she gets paid to do it, and her following is at least four times that of mine.

This witty Brisbanite has been working at the Courier-Mail for a number of years now, moving from Pop culture, to a place that she has become quite adept at, that being technology reviewer and all round Gadget-girl. I encourage all readers of the DocNetwork to pay her blog a visit, as its a great read, and it’ll give you something to do between my updates.

While I regularly visit her blog and enjoy her articles, it is doubtful that she has reciprocated, even if our presence has been made known to her.

The Gadget Girls blog is updated on average twice a week, and can be found at