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Star Trek SRU Carbine Build, part deux

14082011556I know its taken a while since I have updated this, but I have made considerable progress on my SRU Rifle, so much so that I finished. The first obstacle that I had to deal with was the previously mentioned muzzle problems, as well as if I was going to have a foregrip on the weapon. The next question that I had to deal with is the colour scheme I wanted to use. As you can tell from progress photos the end design is a lot darker than the one I worked with, primarily due to the nature of the Nemesis era Star Trek, when compared to my other props that I have, which are more from the TNG period.

I ended up going with the Nemesis Type 3 phaser muzzle assembly, simply for matters of consistency. The photos below also point out that I was able to finish the Optics Suite and work on the mould lines, though as a prototype it looks pretty good. Overall I am happy with the design, and I plan on building another simply to rectify a lot of the initial mistakes I made when I built the first one, if it works I might start mass producing them as a hobby. Because I had the time, I went and built a Pistol to go along with the Carbine, which turned out a lot better than the Carbine did


Also I finally got a Star Trek Uniform…100_2410



2011 Costume List

This year I am going to do things a little differently, instead of having to be stuck with the same three costumes as previous years, I am actually going to have multiple costumes to choose from.

JacenCaedus1135789188misc_luke34Richard-Cypher-Standing-TalTNG_Uniform_MensplayermodelThe-Pacific-on-HBO-550x367PlayerModelmandalore2wo5van-helsing-van-helsing-525086_1024_768997STS_Neil_Patrick_Harris_00764062da1719875c2picard7SGRealjacket11star-trek_insurrection_1Richard Winters in Band of BrothersIntro-402star-trek_first_contact_1

Yeah there is a lot of Armour and a lot of Star Trek uniforms, but I have a lot of free time,