2011 Costume List

This year I am going to do things a little differently, instead of having to be stuck with the same three costumes as previous years, I am actually going to have multiple costumes to choose from.

JacenCaedus1135789188misc_luke34Richard-Cypher-Standing-TalTNG_Uniform_MensplayermodelThe-Pacific-on-HBO-550x367PlayerModelmandalore2wo5van-helsing-van-helsing-525086_1024_768997STS_Neil_Patrick_Harris_00764062da1719875c2picard7SGRealjacket11star-trek_insurrection_1Richard Winters in Band of BrothersIntro-402star-trek_first_contact_1

Yeah there is a lot of Armour and a lot of Star Trek uniforms, but I have a lot of free time,


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Australia, its now your turn January 2010


Apparently Nerdy Girls are hot… March 2009
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Christmas Wishes and Nerf Guns December 2008


Nerf Vulcan: First Fire Video March 2009


Image Hosting Reviews: Photobucket March 2009

Ya know Girls like it too

Yes I am aware of the fact that it has been nearly half a year since I last posted, but these days it takes something rather major to get my attention once more.

I recently read a blogppost from Carrie Goldman, who writes the Portrait of An Adoption blogger about an issue that recently happened to her daughter one day at school. Young Katie is in the First Grade and she loves Star Wars, so much so that she owned a Star Wars Water Bottle and took it to school with pride, until cruel little boys made fun of her because of the fact that “Star Wars is only for Boys.”

I read this article, and it got my blood boiling, sure by this time I had effectively lost all faith in humanity, until I read the scores of comments that everyday people, namely other girls that liked Star Wars, that I realised that I needed to do something. I wrote a piece earlier about bullying, and as a victim of bullying growing up, (with me it was Star Trek) I know what this girls going through.

I have to applaud her mother for having the idea to post this online, however I doubt even Carrie expected the level of attention her little girl has now received right now from Geeky Girls around the world, including voice actors from the Clone Wars.

The blogpost is located below and I welcome everyone to comment on it and offer their support


After Action Report: WAB 2.0 Mother of all Ancient Battles

Annals of Scipio Tyranus: Centurion Legio XX Day 32 Britannia Campaign 43AD

It is rare for the battle tested legionaries of Legio XX Valeria Victrix, to have to call on the assistance of less experienced Legio’s, but when we marched on the main barbarian confederation towards Noviomagus, our great legati, General Aaron Marcellus, immediately despatched riders to the nearest legion’s, requesting assistance, as our spies reported a veritable sea of rippling flesh and iron, a number of barbarians that even the blood thirsty blades of Legio XX could not hope to quench.

As I and the other centurions readied our legionaries for battle, the regimented footfalls of Roman Legionaries approached. Aid came in the form of a cohort from Legio XIII Augustae, accompanied by not only a substantial portion of their auxilia and Germanic Cavalry, but a unit of marines they had managed to collect along the way. The other Legion in the region, Legio III Augustae, itself under-strength due to constant harassment from the Barbarian Horde, was only able to despatch an under century to assist us; General Marcellus absorbed these units under his command for the duration of the battle. As the sun started to set, the general, along with the two Augustan Legion Tribunes drew up an order of battle, as we knew our barbaric opponents where surely doing the same.

The field of battle was for the most part flat, with a stream running down the eastern flank, and a modest hill rising on the west, from which our carroballistae were able to sight the entire battlefield; Legio XIII formed their ranks on the left, with Legio XX forming on the right, Legio III held the weakened centre of our lines, supported by Twenties archers, and a massed formation of Thirteen’s Auxiliaries.
It was at that point that the Barbarians decided to rise from their filth and meet us on the battlefield; massed warriors to the west, cavalry and chariots to the east, and raving fanatics beating their chests and exposing themselves opposite the rather raw Legio III at the centre, supported by an entire screen of skirmishers and slingers; from their vantage point atop the hill, the crew of the carroballistae informed sent word to the General that the entire western flank of the barbarian army, were in fact German mercenaries!

The first blood of the day was drawn by the carroballistae, as it skewered three German warriors with a single bolt, leaving their bloodied bodies held erect; unfortunately it would also be the only successful kill from it this day. As the carroballistae and archers of Legio XX continued to harass the barbarian lines, in fact their presence alone forced an entire unit of barbarian cavalry from the western flank, a move that would prove advantageous as the battle progressed.
The first Roman blood spilled this day was not even Roman, as a number of our Auxiliaries, and the marines, who were screening the Legionaries, started taking fire from massed formations of slingers and javelins, resulting in multiple deaths until they were able to return the favour in kind.

Uncharacteristically of the barbarians, but it seemed that their masters had reined in their blood lust, as for the most part, they managed to keep a single line, a tactic almost reminiscent of our own, but being the barbarians they are, they quickly reverted to their animalistic ways, with entire bodies of Celtic and Germanic warriors surging towards our ranks, only to recover themselves and form up once more.

This uncharacteristic move may have worried the less experienced legionaries on the western flank, but it did nothing against the veterans on the eastern line, as they wheeled and readied themselves for the inevitable charge by the Barbarian cavalry; orders quickly filtered down the lines that the Legionaries on the western flank needed to close the gaps between them, and engage the Germanic and Celtic Warriors en-masse, and to leave the cavalry to Legio XX. With the blaring of horns, the juggernaut that is the Roman Legion trudged forward towards the enemy; ahead of them, skirmishers and marines traded javelins with their opposing contemporaries until an almost unheard sequence of commands from the Marine Centurion sent his marines charging forth towards their barbaric adversaries, running off a screening unit of skirmishers, but sent them running head long into a unit of German fanatics.

To the surprise of those around them, the marines, actually held their own against the fanatic’s despite being outnumbered 2-to-1, they managed to hold the line until reinforcements in the form of Legio XIII legionaries arrived to assist them.
By the time the sun had reached its height, the battle had been joined on the entire western flank, reaching as far as the veteran legionaries of Legio XX’s first Century with mixed results running the length of the line. XII’s legionaries held the German tribesmen at the extreme edge of battle, but experienced problems closer to the centre against Celts, where III’s century managed to steel their resolve when staring down at the face of fanatics howling for their blood, in fact gaining the upper hand a number of times, against both them, and the Barbarian Warlord.

While Twenties Legionaries seemed somewhat un-needed at this point, it soon changed, as the Barbarian Cavalry seized a somewhat flagging battle, and attempted to strike at the very heart of Legio XX; with chariots charging IV Century, at the centre of our line, with first Century engaged with Celtic warriors, and II Century repositioning itself to deal with an approaching cavalry threat, it seemed that things were not going well for us; until it seemed Mars smiled on us, as General Marcellus, who had taken command of the auxiliary cavalry, boldly counter charged units of Celtic Light and Noble Cavalry. This move seemed to be the lynchpin of the battle, and where things started to go wrong, not only for the barbarians, but for our already tested flank.

General Marcellus led the charge deep into the mass of Celt Cavalry, the sound of horses colliding with each other echoed throughout the battlefield. As if blessed by the God of War himself, our auxiliary cavalry actually managed to break the Celtic Noble Cavalry, forcing their immediate retreat! Such unprecedented act caused the entire eastern barbarian flank to falter, from the skirmishers on the extreme edge of the battle being penned down by our own auxiliaries, to the chariots that charged IV Century turning their tails and running, despite the wounds they sustained on our men.

The same success could not be said for our brothers in Legios III and XIII, as not only the marines they brought with them break, Legio III’s century broke, and XIII’s entire formation of auxilia that they used to supplement losses they had already sustained in the campaign were slaughtered to the man, causing panic to run through the inexperienced troops throughout the centre up to Twenties archers who stood firm even as the centre started to falter; one very lucky and gifted archer actually managed to skewer one of those one-in-a-million shots, killing a Germanic Fanatic, through two manoeuvring units of Roman infantry.

As Legio XIII held the extreme western flank, and Legio XX comfortably held the east, forcing entire cavalry units to flee before us, before turning our attention to the beleaguered centre; Legio XX’s first Century started to feel the strain, a lucky break on the western line caused a sizable chunk of the Germanic and Celtic horde to flee, including their warlord. It was this point which allowed General Marcellus the opportunity to isolate and destroy those Barbarians that still held firm, but in an odd sign of compassion to the misguided horde, he let the Barbarian warlord and chieftains the chance to escape. We retired from battle, bruised, blooded, but otherwise victorious; the raw legionaries of Legio III and XIII gained their first exposure to the Celtic menace we have been dealing for an entire season.

4000 point Imperial Romans vs 4000 point Celtic/Barbarian Horde 3 v 3
Result: Decisive Roman Victory (Battle Points)

Doc <3 ZuneHD

While all the news flying around the blogosphere has for the most part being dedicated almost exclusively to the iPad which was released on Friday in Australia, I have been blissfully playing away with another, smaller multi-touch device that arrived that Monday. Unlike the other multi-touch device that was released last week, this one does not have an apple on the back; this one of course has a tiny Z.

Despite that the Zune HD was officially released in the United States last year, and currently has no plans of release in Australia; as my previous device was a 4gig Zune 2, I jumped at the chance to pick up a 16gig Zune HD. Almost as if by design, its arrival before the iPad launch gave me enough to amuse myself long enough for that other device to be released without comment.

I had both the Zune 2 and the Zune HD on my desk for roughly four hours before I gave the Zune 2 to Chantelle to replace her iPod Nano, an interesting historical repeat considering that that same Zune replaced the iPod Nano, Cuscal gave me while I was working there. Hers was being reset, mine was being updated, which the software did simultaneously with no problems.
Suffice to say that it was an uplifting experience seeing two Zune cables sticking out of a computer that used to have one black Zune cable, and one white iPod cable.

While I had not initially intended to give Chantelle my Zune 2, as for the longest time, all I had heard from her was her wish to purchase the iPod Touch and subsequent iPhone; and initially I decided to keep the Zune 2 as a backup player, something I could use while costuming, so it came as a surprise to me when she approached me and asked for my old Zune to replace her precious iPod Nano. Since showing her the Zune HD, I can say that the iPod infiltration of my house has been dealt with as she wants one as well.

That is something that I’m seeing replicated whenever I show this device to people, the first question is what is it, the second question after I show them some of the features is where can I get one. Unfortunately for reasons known only to Microsoft, they have restricted this devices sale to North America only, despite continued requests from other markets, they seem reluctant to release any devices of the Zune Family elsewhere, though that hasn’t stopped the most dedicated of fans from simply importing them from the US and bypassing the region security by registering US Region addresses.

I had hoped to have a picture of my HD, but for some reason my camera is playing up, so I will most likely have one before the next episode of the DocReport, as for the iPad, the only thing I have to say in regards to that overpriced etch-a-sketch, is that I have no intention of getting one or any of its successive devices.

DocReport Episode 1 is now online

I’ve been keeping this one rather close to my chest, but the DocNetwork now has a podcast.

It will essentially be a weekly recap of any articles written that week as well as any info that didn’t quite make it that far.

Hopefully it will be regularly recorded on a Thursday, but time permitting.

This weeks episode is about Facebook, Australian Customs, and a brief recap on Warhammer Ancient Battles V.2.0

to subscribe to this podcast add http://feeds.feedburner.com/docreport to your podcast capture client

Do you have any porn to declare???

I first heard of this story on CNET’s Buzz Out Loud podcast, episode 1232 this morning, but for some reason, it did not actually make the Australian news vendors until this evening. An interesting thing considering that it originated here, but it would seem that in a rather sneaky move Australian Customs and Border Protection staff have been granted permission to ask passengers coming into Australia whether they possess pornography in their luggage or on their person.

Changes to customs declarations have changed the first question from “Do you possess Objectionable Content” (god I hate that term) to “Do you possess Pornography.”
Now I’m not the first person today who has read this and wondered, what the hell? From as far as I can tell no other country is this conservative, in that they are simply asking travellers if they possess pornography, and if they tick yes, then Customs have every right to go through your bag, and check your laptop and mobile for pornography.

One of the biggest problems of this whole thing, aside from being completely ambiguous and yet, completely expected from this government, is that it does not actually specify what qualifies as pornography, the presenters of Buzz Out Loud, joke about it on their show that what one person qualifies as pornography, is completely harmless to another and vice versa. While it is obvious that it is another attempt to stop that elusive kiddie porn, and bestiality, but doesn’t actually state on the card that is what they are looking for.

One large argument against this move is that they do no stipulate what actually qualifies as pornographic; so that means every scantily clad mirror shot, or photo taken of your partner in some exotic location, or even a sext promising a late night romp, to simple photos of your infant in the bathtub could potentially wind you up in jail.

While the opposition to this change is almost unanimous, with the general consensus is that this is an invasion of privacy, one must really look at this government with their history of trying to sanitize the internet of pornography, this act isn’t really expected from them. Unfortunately the biggest problem to come out of this thing, is that we had to find out about it, after it came out… not before.

While the Federal Home Affairs Minister, Mr Brendan O’Connor continues to profess that this was in the nations best interest, and the reference to pornography was deliberate, as people ‘understood the meaning of the word’ over the word that it replaced, unfortunately, one problem I can find with this, well aside from just another pieces of evidence to support the claim that this government has lost the plot. is that Objectionable Content, doesn’t just restrict itself to pornography.

A number of people I have spoken about this to, have wondered just how exactly this kind of thing could be enforced, or even investigated considering that nearly every male will have on their phone, a picture or video of something that could be considered pornographic, or will have a ‘lads mag’ in their carry on, purchased from the airport newsagent. And to those lasses who photograph themselves in the mirror, is it pornographic if the photo’s are of yourself?
Buzz Out Loud, once more suggested that in protest that everyone coming to Australia should declare they have pornography; unfortunately those lines are already full of people that already do.