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Miniature Star Wars Battles

When I’m not costuming, or writing, or chatting on the TWiT Army IRC Chatroom, I am enjoying a good game of Star Wars Miniatures, though finding players has become increasingly difficult to find considering that I play in an area whose only idea of Tabletop gaming, is Warhammer, trying to entice them over to the comparatively simple game, has not been without its troubles. Tabletop gaming is as much a commitment than anything else, especially considering the sheer costs involved.

Since the number of people playing it has been low of late, I have taken to retouching the figures that come prepainted from Wizards of the Coast, though I must say, it is an incredibly bad job. What turns other players off the game is the fact that it comes in packages with a randomized selection from each of the 10 factions, which makes it incredibly difficult to get the squad you want unless you buy a gross of them, and the price attributed to it, takes the fun out of it, especially when others have more funds and can do that, and your playing people that only get a finite amount a week to spend so they buy only one booster.

Wizards of the Coast as of late is trying to rectify this but releasing new new boosters with only two factions plus Fringe each, I fear its too little, to late.
To coincide with the launch of the Clone Wars TV Series, they released the Clone Wars Booster set, which in all honesty was just re-boxed versions of Republic and Separatist units mostly from the discontinued Clone Strike series, with a few new figures to coincide with new characters from the new TV Series.
More recently they released a Rebels and Empire Booster, under the title of Imperial Entanglements, while I use a Mandalorian Squad more than anything, the addition of a number of Fringe units to that set, has caught my interest. However, the absence of a card list, which is both rather odd, and annoying. With any luck, the next booster, supposedly called Jedi Academy will either have New Republic and Yuhzong Vong, or New Republic and Mandalorian. Either way the Mando’s and the Vong both need more units, as while they are more powerful unit for unit, they often get overwhelmed by the more ‘Cannon Fodder’ geared Factions. The Rumour Mill is rife with speculation of Mandalorian units who will work in the other factions, but no new named characters.

From time to time I will be posting up pictures of my custom Mando’s but for the time being, I will keep playing around with them, trying to find someone who will take them on