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Its amazing how fast a year passes.

Thanks to a rampant case of writers block, I apologise for not posting. However today is a very important milestone for the DocNetwork so I took my new Nokia E-71 outside and started writing. This day 12 months ago, the first ever post of what would become the DocNetwork was published on the Vox Blogging Network. It wasn’t until November that year that very same post was reposted on WordPress and we haven’t looked back.

In the space of 12 months we have covered such diverse things, ranging from the Australian Governments Mandatory Internet Filter to covering the horrific bushfires that devastated Victoria live from the fireline, (even if those reports are still classified). We warned you about swine flu, and saw the inauguration of America’s first African-American president.

We’ve been featured on the TWiT network twice, interviewed by Leo Laporte, and was integral in the success of the TWiT Army podcast. Most recently we gained a Facebook fan page as well as a Blog Twitter account to help you contact us, and to this end, both have been very successful.

It’s been a very productive year for us, we’ve gained writers, and had others move on, but even if they don’t write for us they still hang around, Big T still pops by when he’s not at university, and will be rejoining us in summer for our first attempt at a podcast, our Warhammer battle reporter will be returning shortly after a long break away from the warzone.

Throughout this time the DocNetwork has been helped by a group of volunteers that have worked thanklessly to keep the news flowing, and it would be amiss of me to neglect them.

I would like to thank both Felix and Kiwi for watching the blog whenever I’ve been unable, MirandaJannell, NiteInJail, Zeiva, and the other TWiT’s who have been so supporting during this difficult year. I would also like to thank, you our loyal readers, those who I have met I thank your kind words and intelligent conversation; with special mention to Trapper, Therese, Anna as well as our ‘number 1 fan’ Anne-Marie who surprised me on my own birthday by presenting me with the DocNetwork’s fanpage. Most of all I would like to thank my dearest Chantelle aka Tikara, who has not only stepped in on occasion to be my Dictaphone, but has had to put up with long nights and me raging over reports my feeders give me: you are my inspiration, our many fans and readers are the only reason we keep going. And for that we thank you.

To date we have had 8147 visitors, we average 5 posts a month not including February and march where there more days posted then not, to a total of 91 posts. Currently the average monthly page view is 600 which is impressive for a fledgling blog.

As we speak we a finalizing the first ever Blogging challenge, designed to commemorate our first year, and while we have only 5 entrants the work coming out is pretty good. Hopefully next year will be even better:

Once again we would like to thank you all for helping us survive our first year and hope you join us for the next one.


The DocNetwork’s First Ever Blogger Challenge

Ever wanted to be a blogger?

To Commemorate International Blogging Month, We are currently working on the first ever Blogger Challenge. To be put short, have you always wanted to write a blog but don’t think you have what it takes, send us a piece of your work, and at the end of the month, the best article will be posted, we will even support you in the creation of your own blog.

Suggestions for Topics:

  • The Future
  • The World
  • What’s outside your door
  • Technology and today’s youth
  • Gaming
  • Governments and Technology
  • Mandatory Internet Filter
  • The DocNetwork

Or make it up on whatever you want.

Feel free to submit as many Essays as you like, as this will be judged not only on Quantity, but Quality of submissions.

Contest Restrictions:
Essay may be about whatever topic you want, or may select from the list above
Word Count: 500 words minimum
Entry Restriction: Open to all,
Submission restriction: One entry per topic,
All entries must be submitted to by the close of buisness August 29/2009 with the heading BLOG CHALLENGE to eligible for judging

For more information, please visit the DocNetwork’s personal fan page on Facebook Here

Apologies on my absence

I am in the process of updating my Beta Version of Windows 7 to the Release Candidate, at the same time Telstra has deemed that my cap has been exceeded so I am running at 56kb/s at this point in time, meaning that all my essential programs are taking forever to download. Yes I know I should have these programs already, but I guess it didn’t work properly.

Tomorrow I should be at full speed and I will have a real article out then.

Site Updates and info

I would like to apologise for the absence of posts lately, unfortunately there has been very little to write about in recent weeks, coupled with the fact that I am in the process of looking for a new job, on top of working on occasional typing jobs that I have been able to secure; this has resulted in a decline in the number of articles I’m putting out. It also doesn’t help if Telstra has spent most of the month performing testing on the local infrastructure, resulting in a sporadic, unreliable, connection.

While this has been occurring, I have been toying with the idea to once again move the blog to its own independent domain, however, like last time, at the present point in time I’m holding it off, simply because if I did, I have no real idea just what else I would put on it, but if anyone else has any suggestions, please feel free to contact us. The only reason that I have looking into this is that, we have been reaching a thousand views a month, and I am not entirely sure how long until I start getting emails from WordPress asking us to move on.

Due to my increased workload, I have realized that even if I had something to write about, the chances of me having something ready every day is entirely unlikely, considering that on Monday and Thursday, time I normally spend writing, I am usually out, this means that Mondays and Thursdays there will be no new content released, Fridays will be a report from Thursday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be about anything that arises, and I know I always say this, but I will have more content, but there will be more reviews, and more breaking news…well if there is any news.

In coming days, I have a few things I’m already working on, so please stay tuned, and don’t worry about the new guy, he means well.

Ye Old Blog Post

Once again, it seems, that I will be going away for a week with St John Ambulance, however, this time, it is for a less than sinister reason. During Easter, the New South Wales Branch of the Society of Creative Anachronism host their Rowany Festival, a week long event involving armoursmiths, merchants, and men dressed as Knights beating the crap out of each other with Bamboo swords.

This will be the first time I attend this event, and if possible, I will be covering it for the blog. However,  I know going into the Festival, that I wont have cell coverage, so I will not be blogging over Easter.
I will be retuning next Tuesday, and I will be having a full article covering the last two weeks at that same time.

Instead of trying to make my 500 word minimum, I am going to cut this one short, as I am quite tired and I have an early day tomorrow, so Happy Easter Everyone, and I will see you on the other side, with more video, more photos, and more coverage of the stories that interest you.

Site Updates: Doc’s going on Vacation

Hey folks, since I have been more or less trapped inside the house for the last six months, I have decided that I will be taking myself away for the weekend, leaving tomorrow, for a brief vacation before I start the winter season of Rugby Union, that and my batteries are completely drained following the fact that I have not been employed actively since November.
The fact that this weekend also falls on the same weekend and Brisbane Supanova, just happens to be a coincidence as I will be in Sydney.

Some of you would have noticed that the DocNetworks Twitter feed has gone a little stationary, despite the continued coverage, that would be because of a reason that I am not entirely sure of, but when I do log into the account, it doesn’t seem to come up, the account is not dead, and I still encourage you to add it. I have put aside any and all attempts to fix it until I return, so for the meantime, the blogs feed will be distributed through my personal twitter account, which you are all aware of, even if you aren’t on Twitter, those on Facebook, receive my Status Updates, through Twitter.

I am not entirely sure as to what kind of connection I will have when I am on my vacation, but then I haven’t picked my destination on if I can get an ADSL line out, I have picked it so I can have some time to relax.

Aside from the vacation, in honour of Brisbane Supanova, I have taken the Legion Officers BDU out of storage, there are one or two things of that costume that I was not to happy with, however, I think that after this week, it will look different, but hopefully people will still be able to tell that it is me.

With Sydney Supanova about 4 months away, I need to pull my finger out and finish my special project, otherwise it will never be finished, though I am not entirely sure as to how it will all turn out, all I know is that it will be my first legitimate project.

I have received a number of interesting and thoughtful responses from many of my readers, and I have read a number of excellent blogs. If you would like to be involved in a link exchange, where a link to their blog will reside here, and a link to the DocNetwork will sit on yours.
While I have been happy at the recent visitation, I am disappointed as I received my first flamed response, While I will normally allow all comments, unless your Matt from Russia who seems to keep using my blog to sell his promo’s, under normal circumstances, I will also respond to your comment, either on the blog, or if the issue is sensitive, I will respond via email, however, I may upset Zeiva from the TWiT Army, as I have not made my blog Pink, though I have on occasion looked into the prospect.

I have once more looked into the prospect of a paid domain, though I am still looking for the right one, if you have any recommendations of what Domain the DocNetwork should have, please drop us a line.

Site Updates: we are staying put

Some of you might have heard some rumblings that the DocNetwork was moving away from our free home at WordPress to a free standing server, something along the lines of Well I can say, quite emphatically, that this is not the case. While I have looked into the idea of having our own domain to allow us to branch out to other ventures, and to get away from the now redundant domain, to allow each of the staff writers, their own space. However, due to the current economic climate, being what it is, and the current prices of all related or similar domains being prohibitively expensive, has meant that we, at this point in time, are not leaving the free service that WordPress have provided.

In the future, we may in fact move to a paid service, but at the time being, the fear is that we may purchase a domain now, only to close it down and move back here at the end of the domains registration period; now the suggestion was made that we might ask for donations, to pay for the domain, but as it stands the DocNetwork prides itself by being a service that gives the people the news the major services don’t touch, and to give it to them for free, sure if the public reception is receptive towards it, we might change our stance on that, but at this point in time, its better if we maintain the status quo and continue to provide you, the reader, with all the information you can digest about the issues your interested in, we have the data, we know what topics you want us to cover, and going forward you will see more product/service reviews, as well as feeing more breaking news stories.

On a sadder note, I must announce, that we have to put Big T’s Gripe list on hiatus; while there is nothing wrong with my partner in crime, Terence’s ability to publish his stories from his home, has become an issue, so while you may see a Gripe list from time to time; they will not be as frequent as they once were. As the only other writer on the DocNetwork, I wish my associate all the best, and hope to see him back as soon as he is able.

While I was absent for the last week of February, it seems that you, our loyal readers, where not; February has counted as our highest visitation period with 689 unique visits for the entire month. Now I am aware that this is because to the Bushfire coverage, as well as the coverage of the surprisingly popular warning about the services of The last two months before this point, had roughly 350 hits each, and with it being only the 9th of March, and we already have 190 hits, I can already see that March is going to be no different.
It is because of these large numbers that the DocNetwork is inching towards our 2000th visitor. It took us 4 months to get to a thousand, and it’s taken a little over a month and a half to get to 1.756 visitors. Now this number does not include those on the DocNetwork’s writing staff, otherwise we would already be well over the 2000 mark. As with all things on the internet, relevance is an important thing, and to have the number of people continually visit the DocNetwork, as well as so many new faces, is hopefully a good sign of things to come.