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Ouroboros invades Free Comic Book Day

Some of you may have noticed, particularly on Twitter and Facebook, I’ve been throwing around the Logo of Project Ouroborostitle “Project Ouroboros” a lot lately, and unless you’ve been following the url’s you might not be aware of it. Project Ouroboros isn’t some high-tech bio-chemical corporation, but the Australian Resident Evil Costuming Association.

Up until now, Ouroboros has only been to conventions, our tour of duty so far has been both Brisbane and Melbourne Supanova’s and the last two Sydney Zombie Walks. This was the first time that we ventured out of known territory and attended this years Free Comic Book Day in both Sydney and Brisbane, sparking our first ever multistate simultaneous event.

Many people might have asked, “But Resident Evil is a video game, not a comic book,” and while technically the franchise did start as the very successful Biohazard series in Japan, it has branched out into movies, card games and even a dual line of comic books and graphic novels. Because of this, coupled with the fact that technically Resident Evil Costuming isn’t the most event friendly of costuming groups, when compared to say the 501st Legion, our appearance list isn’t currently as in demand as others.

Going over the Manual in the field is always a good ideaConsidering that we formed in response to the second Sydney Zombie Walk, and how up until that point, we did not have a central contact system, considering we were often utilised as crowd control for the event, it would take a long string of phone and Facebook tag, to get all our now members aware of the event, and to see just how many of them could actually attend. Following the walk, and alluded to on the train to the walk that an organisation that would become Ouroboros would be required. We formed that following week, and within a month had spread to encompass the entire east coast of the country.

Considering it was still uncharted waters, it was only a light presence to the Sydney Kinokuniya event, which was understandable; even I had my doubts about the success of the event; but regardless, we trooped from 1030 till 2, and since the other groups that where in attendance where wrapping up, that we would as well.

In all it was a great event, if only to get our name out there. Now, bring on Supanova Sydney

Project Ouroboros NSW Team with Harley Quinn