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Posting Challenge Entrant: Harley-Quinn

For reasons known only to those who entered the Posting challenge, only one person actually submitted something for the Posting challenge, and that was of course the DocNetwork’s Number 1 Fan, Anne-Marie, aka Harley-Quinn. There is a trend on the Internet at the moment that she felt she needed to address.


‘Yes I’m a Girl, No I wont be your friend’

If there is ever a reason for me to not want to be an online entity, like Harley-Quinn, its the fact that every morning I wake up to find my email inbox filled with at least 25 emails from Facebook, of these at least 10 will be new friend requests from older guys of an age bracket 6-20 years older then me, granted there are a number of girls in the mix, but its mostly guys. Now I don’t want to appear as a bigot, or a stuck up blonde chick, but more often than not, most of these will be from the Middle East, namely from Lebanon.

Now I want to go out on the record and say, that I have no problem with the Middle East, and I do know that as a whole they are great people, the thing I have issue with is that these guys feel that because I am a blonde, somewhat attractive girl, with a small Online following, that I immediately must be their friend, and that I must be attracted to them. On the other hand, it would seem that there are people online that believe that because I too exist partially online, and I have varied interests, that I am expected to be friends with every pervert I encounter. The problem is that the internet is a wild and wonderful place, and while I can look after myself, it is even getting on my nerves.

Unfortunately, no matter how many times I cancel these friends request, I seem to get two more to replace it. For every person I do add as a friend, and the only time I do so is because I actually know the person, I have to ignore at least nine people I don’t. Like most girls I know, I also have to semi-regularly perform ‘purges’ where I check to see that the people that I have added, are actually who they say they are, and are not one of the million fake accounts that exist online. This feat isn’t helped by any when most of these people that I ignore either don’t speak the same language I do, or they can’t get it through their own skulls to take the hint that I’m not interested.

Now, it seems that I am not the only girl with this problem, but I really wish they would stop, I mean the rest of the world, and especially Caucasian girls, are not online just for the seedy perverted side of society to try and chat up, and furthermore, just adding someone you met on an interest group, and commenting that they are sexy, or using only a string of words that don’t even form a sentence is not the right way to get them to add you.

Please stop, if you want to get to know me, then sure, but until then DON’T even try and add me