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What’s the Shelf life of Floppies again?

Some time yesterday I was given a stack of about a hundred or so 3.5″ Floppy Disks by my father that once belonged to me yes those things, remember the thing we relied on before everything had a chip in it and could be used to store information on. I took those archaic devices to my Vista machine, and transferred the information contained therein onto an external hard drive.

Apparently, these disks service life had expired a good year or so ago, as over half of them had corrupted long before I could access their data, and those that I could access, while I could view the data, I could not do anything with it. Though in hindsight, there was nothing on those disks that was particularly important, or already woefully out of date.

Though there was one thing that I had forgotten as I scoured through the piles of plastic and metal, was just how slow these transfer mediums are compared to their modern counterparts. I mean it took me most of the night to get through them, nine hours to get through 138 mb… I have a 3 gig micro SD on my phone that takes nine seconds to process… We have sure come a long way in such a short time.

A new feature I’m bringing to the Darkside as frequent as whenever I get a lull will be Profiles in Courage, an idea I got while playing Mass Effect. I will be focusing one page for each major character in my Novel, so keep watching as I will be posting them here as well from now one.

The first Profile in Courage is the Seth Legion itself, chronicling its beginnings, and telling you never seen before information about it. I will be covering a new character every so often to keep watching to find out more about the main cast


The Vulcan’s in the Country

I have been eagerly waiting for this moment to announce that my Nerf Vulcan Minigun cleared customs with no issue on January 11, 2009, at 2:05 pm, after about half an hour. More than likely I will be in possession of it sometime today at the earliest or sometime tomorrow afternoon at the latest.

So while at this very point in time, I don’t have the Vulcan, so there won’t be an unboxing just yet, I know it’s not much but all I can say about it, I was just excited when I read on the USPS tracking website, that I felt that I should tell as many people as I could.

We are still on target for an unboxing by the end of the week, though the date of the unboxing will be determined really on when it arrives. So it will end up being when it happens I will let you know

Sound Off

Ho-Rah TWiT Army. For those of you who took the advice of the Darkside and added the Sound Off to your podcast client; you would already be aware of the information I have to share. If you did add the Sound Off to iTunes or whatever, you would have been greeted by a new promo podcast featuring the dulcet tones of the Frogman. If you didn’t add it, or haven’t checked, you can also listen to the Promo right here.

With three days left until the Launch, I can tell you that the team are hard at work applying the finishing touches to their podcast, and they are ready for the first show on Monday.

As most who have seen me on the IRC chatroom, would have noticed that I have started ranting about wanting a Vulcan Nerf Minigun, well I can say, that I now own one…

Well not exactly, as it hasn’t been shipped yet, but I do own it…eBay is a wonderful thing, considering that even Hasbro has run out of the things. I will cover the unboxing here, in case you were interested.

Have fun folks, I had very little left to cover, so I’ll see you around