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And thud back down to earth we go….

i wonder who that mystery sender from Down Under was….

Its been a whirlwind week here for all of us. Monday was met with a visit from the Brantford Police @ Lansdowne. The boy was not quite sure with the six men in black standing in his therapy room..(though Mom was quite ok with it!!!) but perked up once we got outside and he was able to sit in the cruiser and then the van. The patient officers let him sit in both and even press the buttons. He even gave out a few high fives before we left!

Unfortunately it was pouring rain so a bit difficult to get some good pictures, but I did the best I could.


Tuesday was a school day, so off he went on the bus while I ran off to pick up his Angry Birds cake (which he wouldn’t try despite many attempts) that the rest of us ended up enjoying + the…

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