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Ya know Girls like it too

Yes I am aware of the fact that it has been nearly half a year since I last posted, but these days it takes something rather major to get my attention once more.

I recently read a blogppost from Carrie Goldman, who writes the Portrait of An Adoption blogger about an issue that recently happened to her daughter one day at school. Young Katie is in the First Grade and she loves Star Wars, so much so that she owned a Star Wars Water Bottle and took it to school with pride, until cruel little boys made fun of her because of the fact that “Star Wars is only for Boys.”

I read this article, and it got my blood boiling, sure by this time I had effectively lost all faith in humanity, until I read the scores of comments that everyday people, namely other girls that liked Star Wars, that I realised that I needed to do something. I wrote a piece earlier about bullying, and as a victim of bullying growing up, (with me it was Star Trek) I know what this girls going through.

I have to applaud her mother for having the idea to post this online, however I doubt even Carrie expected the level of attention her little girl has now received right now from Geeky Girls around the world, including voice actors from the Clone Wars.

The blogpost is located below and I welcome everyone to comment on it and offer their support