Australia, its now your turn

Last year, I brought you the New Zealand Blackout, in response to the S92a Internet Guilt upon Accusation fiasco, well Australia, its now your turn. The Electronic Frontiers Australia has endorsed a similar action for the week around and including Australia Day, a wide reaching Internet Blackout.

Starting the 25th and going until the 29th, Australian Tech users will be blacking their websites, as well as their display pictures, in protest to the Government’s insistence in presenting the Mandatory Internet Filter to the Senate, despite constant, and unanimous opposition to the Mandatory Internet Filter, in fact there are a number of individuals, groups, organizations and websites, that are already blacking their content in preparation to next weeks protest.

Like last time, support from outside Australia is requested, and greatly appreciated, as is the request to sign the EFA’s petition against the Internet Filter.

If this Filter is passed through the Senate, it will not protect Children as is its intention, as it does not stop the trafficking of Child Pornography, a fact admitted by, by Stephen Conroy, who insists that the filter would be used to protect children from content deemed inappropriate, however, the old argument still stands, the Government does not have a right to dictate what is inappropriate for a child to be exposed to, only to advise and educate, however if this filter is enacted, this ability would be taken from parents, an insistence that the Government knows best, and that Parents are incapable of raising their own children.

For more information on the Great Australian Blackout, go to, to sign the Electronic Frontiers Australia petition go to Sign the petition here.

Once again I hope to thank all my regular readers for their support of this innovative

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    • GlimmerMan
    • January 21st, 2010

    Not only that – the filter will make it hard to catch offenders who distribute and operate child pornography rings due to the fact it will now force them to take things “under ground” – as such, the fact they could be caught easier with no filter, will now mean they know any website will be monitored, so will remove the source sites, meaning if you are not inside the network of offenders, it’s going to be far harder to track them and catch them.
    The filter cannot block things transmitted via a VPN connection – and a VPN connection is very hard to monitor and get into because it encrypts everything, has ALOT of security layers and you can’t just sniff them out and get a hint of the action.
    In the end, the filter will mean more money needs to be invested to pay more federal police more money to work even harder to catch these criminals.

    Just install net nanny on your computer, protect your kids by being smart about it, the filter is only going to hinder everything we do on the internet.
    (Not only that, a bit funny the government wants to run its own National Broadband Network – so fast who wouldn’t want to jump on board to get access to those speeds – and probably a great starting point for an internet filter).


    • Unfortunately the Filter was tested at current and below speeds, not at the speeds that they are proposing with the NBN, effectively making the Filter obsolete and cumbersome within a week


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