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Don’t we all love a bit of Spam? How would you like that Spam to be from your Federally Elected Government? It would seem that the Australian Government, and in particular the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Electronic Economy have the free time to spam people with unwanted drivel.

I have been speaking to a number of regular readers of the blog, in particular Trapper, who was the first to let me know of this event, it took a week for the same email to reach the inbox of the DocNetwork, but it has not reached my personal inboxes just yet. From what I’ve been able to tell, this email is the same in all accounts, to all recipients, and that it is being sent out in sporadic intervals.

Below is the email that the DocNetwork received… you would think that they would check before hand.


Now What I find Hilarious is the fact that this email has no Intended Recipient, which by law equates this to spam, who would have thought, that a Government Agency, let alone the one for the Broadband and the Electronic Economy, would stoop so low as to break the law?

The attached file was essentially an ‘open’ letter from my nemesis, and if anyone wishes to view said letter, let me know and I will email it to you.

However, this ‘letter’ was more ‘press release’ than ‘response’ to my criticisms. Now I have never openly emailed Stephen Conroy, I mean I’ve thought of it, but on the same hand, said email would equate to someone spitting on paper and mailing that.

The four page pdf file essentially shoots the internet filter to pieces, by highlighting lies and falsehoods, and by citing references from countries that optionally allow their citizens to filter their internet, (and that’s usually just child porn, not the thousands of items our favourite Nanny state wishes to block), and yet not mentioning anything from the two countries that actually do have Mandatory Filtering, being China and Iran.
Now citing facts from countries offering the same level of filtering, as opposed to those where only a minute portion of the population is filtered, would be a lot more credible, and to be honest, a lot more logical, unfortunately, those same countries are also receiving a lot of criticism from the global community in regards to restriction of information from the masses, and policing what the Government deems appropriate.. so the same comments made about this government.

In more pleasant news I recently received a message from the Member for Mitchell, in Northwest Sydney, Mister Alex Hawke MP.

AlexHawkeMP @docwinters I am against a mandatory filter of the nature proposed by the Government.

I love the internet, its a place where the masses the the people entrusted to look after them can communicate as equals, unfortunately, some politicians actively respond to their constituents, and even to small time Bloggers from Western Sydney, and others just email out 4 page press releases and hope that it all goes away.

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    • Trapper
    • January 14th, 2010

    I would pass this onto the papers and hope they run with it dude, i just tried finding a way to contact the courier mail but no go


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