Discussion Paper for an R-18+ Category for Games

Sorry for the extended delay but I have been busy working on various topics and assignments, as governed by the fact that I have decided to return to school for a Nursing Degree. In the meantime I have created a list of articles that will be released in the coming months, spanning back to the Zombie Walk.

However instead of releasing one of the many reviews I have, or a commentary about either the New South Wales Bushfire Season or the fact that the OFLC has banned yet another game, (and one I was actually looking forward to this time); I have come back from semi-sabbatical to bring to light a topic that has me chomping at the bit to respond. 

It has been brought to my attention by Trapper, one of my many reliable sources from north of the Border, that the Australian Federal Government has just, and I mean in the last 3 days, released for public consultation, a Discussion Paper for the addition of an R-18+ rating for Games. Meaning that it has finally happened, that the Attorney Generals have finally started to take this issue seriously.

The DocNetwork as an Organization for a Free and Uncensored Internet, as well as a proud supporter for an R-18+ rating will be joining the ranks of other Australian Bloggers in sending a submission for Public Consultation, as well as possibly submitting the personal opinions of my writers and staff and I humbly request that all my readers to likewise.

For more information, I encourage you to go to the home of this consultation http://www.ag.gov.au/gamesclassification. At this site you will be asked the following question

Should the Australian National Classification Scheme include an R 18+ classification category for computer games?

As a rule they have asked that submissions be succinct and to the point, so this is not an opportunity to take shots at certain South Australian Attorney Generals, nor is it to go on lengthy tirades about other Government policies that you may not be happy with. As this is not the first time I have submitted reports to the Federal Government, as a rule, don’t submit anything under 500 words, any less than that and it is doubtful you will be read, if readers are concerned that their submission would not pass muster, you are more than welcome to send it to me at doc_winters@live.com and I will look over it for you.

All I can say is that we have done it, by releasing the hefty jargon filled 16 page Discussion paper for Public review, means that they have finally realised that it should not be up to some crotchety old men to decide who mature adults spend their spare time.

Good luck, and I hope this means a better future for us, as Alien vs. Predator the game was Refused Classification, with the developers refusing to sanitize it, stating this is a game for adults, which is probably the reason why this whole turn of events has taken place.

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