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I never liked Sandilands

Unlike most people in Australia, I wasn’t aware of an event that occurred on Radio station 2Day FM until about an hour ago while I was talking with one of my readers through my Facebook page who was interested in kick-starting her own blog. However after urging her to turn to her keyboard, and doing some reading up of my own, I have decided to take a look at this as well.

Now I have never really liked Kyle Sandilands, not even in the slightest, while I have no issue with Jackie-O, I am getting sick of their TV ads, which have pretty much bored me to the point that I don’t think I would have listened to them even if I didn’t already.
Personally I would have jumped on the bandwagon to crucify Sandilands, but I tend to want to know why I am hating a person instead of just joining a mob for the hell of it, so I downloaded the freely available segment from my news feed and listened to it.

8:39am yesterday morning, as part of a stunt that even looking at it written down just smelled of ‘REALLY BAD IDEA’. I mean which part of drag a tween into the studio, strap a lie detector to them and then drill them about sex and drugs on live air sounds like a good idea to anyone really? Well it apparently sounded like a good idea to the Producers who decided to run with it.

The LieDetector segment ran for only 4 and a half minutes, but in that time, the entirety of the Australian Blogosphere has already painted a big red X on to of Sandilands squat head, though how exactly I missed that feed might have had something to do with the fact that I don’t listen to the radio, and most of my feeder blogs, are from the States, Not Australia.

For those of you who were as clueless to this as I was, lets recap. A concerned mother, drags her 14 year old daughter to the studio of 2Day FM, worried that her daughter was taking heavy drugs and was engaging in sex, and decides that the number 3 breakfast show is the perfect time in which to find out this information…

The setup for this segment involved the 14 year old girl being strapped into a chair and was asked exclusively by her mother a series of questions, starting with if she had ever skipped school, which she denied, giving off a false response from the detector, after continuing to deny this, her mother turned inquisitor asks the second and final question: "Have you ever had sex?"

There is a brief pause between question and answer, to which she replies: "I’ve already told you the story about this … and don’t look at me and smile because it’s not funny." there is a brief pause and then "Oh okay … I got raped when I was 12 years old."

Now, having actually known people, including close members of my inner circle, who have been sexually assaulted, I got this far in the recording and was amazed to find another minute and a half of recording, even though I was hoping to hear an abrupt, ‘lets go to Commercial’.
While there was a response it was not the one I was expecting.

Fifteen seconds later Kyle Sandilands asked, sounded aloof "Right … is that the only experience you’ve had?"

At that point I understood why people where calling for Kyle’s head, and I can understand, even I initially felt the same, until I heard the next pearl of wisdom from the girls, ‘well-meaning’ but obviously intellectually vagrant mother, who stated that she was aware of the rape, even BEFORE asking the question in regards of her daughters sexual activities, but when asked by Jackie-O, who appeared to be the only person in the booth who actually heard what the girl had said, asked the mother if the Police had been involved, which they hadn’t, and offered counselling to the girl, after quickly stating that she would ‘let the girl off the hook’ and that the Station would not have agreed to the segment had they been told about the rape incident…

2DayFM General Manger Jenny Parkes issued a statement after this travesty stating that "The moment we became aware of it was live on air and we shut it down as soon as we possibly could.”
Now this is tripe, as the live broadcast continued for another two minutes, so not only did the country hear about this poor girls assault, but now also became aware of the failings of the mother to protect her daughter, and a radio station chasing its tail to fix its own mess. I mean there was about two and a half minutes of damage control that didn’t need to be aired, following the whole minute discovery of the incident which should have been cut to commercial as soon as it was said.

On top of stating that they ‘shut it down as soon as we possibly could’ he also reiterated that the station was unaware of the situation, which might have been something they could have avoided had they either a) pre-recorded the segment to determine whether it was suitable for air, if simply not air it at all and b) simply cut the feed as soon as was supposedly motioned by the crew in the studio.

Considering the Electronic lynching of Sandilands, and the radio station in general, it appears unlikely that the two will be in operation tomorrow morning, however, to that same end, this seems to be the latest in a long string of outrageous stunts propagated by the station so you never know, he might still be on air tomorrow. Well this is one Australian who won’t be listening.

Hello Law, welcome to the 21st Century

I’m sitting here tonight watching an episode of Law and Order SVU, in between watching episodes of NCIS and Scrubs, when a main point of the story revolves around a girl being arrested for taking and sending risqué photos of herself and sending them to her boyfriend. This poor deluded girl gets arrested and eventually charged with taking and distributing child pornography on her cell phone. Now the taking of and proliferation of raunchy photos is nothing new, the only thing that is is the ease of use.

There is nothing different between a teenage girl taking photos of her naughty bits, sending them to their boyfriend and those photos ending up on the internet, and a girl from previous generations taking photos of their naughty bits, mailing or giving those photos to their beau, and that photo ending up tacked to a notice board somewhere, granted there definition of what a naughty bit is may have changed, and the number of people who might see it may not be as many, but overall, its no different.

Now this episode has some reality, as two 15 year old girls in California faced not only criminal convictions, but becoming listed as registered sex offenders… just for taking pictures of themselves in the mirror, and sent them to boy-friends, if I recall, they were wearing bikini’s or something, I kinda laughed a little when I first heard it about a year ago, and dismissed it, it wasn’t until I started hearing recently the bleeding hearts throwing around the ‘P’ word; in this case Paedophile.

Now not taking the shine off the fact that paedophiles have some deep routed psychological issues, but every single time that anyone in politics want to scare the ignorant masses into supporting whatever platform they want support for, they will wily nilly throw around Paedophilia as the single cause for whatever is wrong with society, yes even Stephen Conroy’s platform for the Internet Filter revolves around it, even though if you look at the fine print, it seems that protecting the kids from kiddie porn, doesn’t even seem to be a small part of it.

Okay, now that that’s out of me, we can continue, the problem with these kids getting in trouble for doing things that they don’t actually think is wrong, but that it because the laws have not caught up with the prevalence with the technology available to mostly stupid masses.
I can pretty much be sure that every guy that is reading this has received a ‘sext’ or a saucy email from a girlfriend, or at least knows someone who has and has seen it; even I have received a few in my time, but unfortunately most relationships don’t last very long, and sometimes these photos end up being sent to friends, or sent to the myriad of raunchy websites dedicated to ex girlfriends.

Granted maybe not all of these girls are 18, which alone brings some really hilarious parts of law into effect, in most Developed nations, the age of consent is 16, and some its lower, and yet, it is illegal for that same 16 year old to show their boyfriend, who if the same age, photos of their naughty bits that they have probably seen in person…a friend of mine made the classic point

you can have sex at 16 but not watch the video of you having sex with your girlfriend until your 18

Now I would like to make clear that seeing teens in varying stages of undress, is not something that I want to see I got to see enough of that being with Tikara since she was 15. But there are a lot of teen couples out there who want to send MMS’s (that’s the technical term for sending pictures via the cell phone, sexting is a buzz term) of their nasty bits, and I think they should be allowed to TO EACH OTHER, if it goes further than that, then sure, throw the book at them.

I am already aware that this might be my most controversial rant, but you never know where these things come from, I also want to apologise to my regular readers who are hoping for a review or news, and I promise, patience, your prayers will be answered

Don’t visit the Internet, its a Horrible place to spend a weekend

I was going to write an article today, commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Lunar Landings, when I was presented with a lovely little gem about twenty minutes ago. While I am still going to write up a piece on the Lunar Landings, I fell that this is a topic that needs my full attention.

Over the weekend a 14 year old girl from Western Heights College, in Geelong, Victoria, committed suicide after receiving an ‘internet message’ last Friday, becoming the fourth student in six months to kill themself from the school.
The death of a student through suicide is a terrible thing, and questions are always asked as to why these things happen, however, in this instance, the mother of the girl, has her sights set straight on the internet.

Now, not to put a dampener on a tragedy such as this, but my first reaction to this news, was not ‘Oh my another student killed themselves’, it was ‘I’m want to smack that girls mother.’ No I’m not heartless, but I am over ignorant people, usually parents’ blaming the ‘internets’ for problems that have existed since before the net did this case specifically, considering that in the last six months, a total of four students have committed suicide, I would be looking more at the school than the internet.

Now it is natural to blame the cause of a tragedy, but for reasons known only to this woman, she has decided that no human is to blame for her daughters suicide, but in fact that it is the entirety of the internet that is to blame, and insists that children should not be allowed on it, in fact she goes as far as to say

“I want to tell people to keep their kids off the rotten internet, it’s a horrible place,’’

and that

“I can guarantee you that if she didn’t go on the internet on Friday night she’d still be alive today."

I’ll give you a second to absorb that. The Rotten Internet is a horrible place…yes because we all want to go to ‘The Internet’ a vile place of scum and villainy, etc etc etc, in fact I spent my vacation at the Internet, its a nice place to stay, but I wouldn’t want to live there…that would be because it isn’t a tangible place.

The Internet is no different to mobile phones, landline phones, passing notes in class, scribbling things on desks ad nauseum. The Internet is NOT the cause of bullying, the internet is just the latest way that cowardly bullies have at their disposal to attack their victims. If we are to follow this woman’s logic, we should ban Mobiles, notebooks, school and all other means of communication.

It is unfortunately, words from people like this grieving mother, are just the thing that Australia’s Dill of the Year, Stephen Conroy, needs to back up his deluded Mandatory Internet Filter, just on the cusp of it being defeated in Federal Parliament, and people where wondering how I was going to work that in here.

It’s to easy to attack the medium in which the bullying takes place, however, all that does is disadvantages the majority of people who are doing anything wrong, the tougher job is to tackle bullying effectively. Though one advantage of banning children from the internet, is that we wouldn’t need the Mandatory Internet Filter…no, no one should be excluded from accessing the Internet, any person restricted, and we all lose our e-Freedoms.

Chevformers: Revenge of the Fallen Car Company

WARNING: Rants and Spoilers

Me and Tikara being devout fans of all forms of Transformers went to the premiere of Transformers 2: The Revenge of the Fallen, simply to see if Michael Bay had made up for what he had done to the first one, namely making Bumbles the hero, the Robotic Corn Chip and that god awful flamejob. Unfortunately, it would seem that not only did Bay Skullhump the franchise, but once again further pushing the robotic characters into the background once again.

This instance took place two years after the events of the first movie, in which the now victorious Human and Autobot soldiers joining forces to hunt down the Decepticon threat still present on the planet, in an organization called NEST, a group akin to MASK or GI-Joe vs.. Transformers franchises, though not as successfully put together.
They hunt down the remaining Decepticons, with varying levels of success, but seem to cause ridiculous levels of destruction to cities all over the world. Cities, might I add are filled with about 90% Chevrolets.

Now there is no hiding that Michael Bay has a shining to GM, and this is painfully obvious when every single Autobot is a GM vehicle, and it was only the Deception’s where non-American Cars. Now, I still have reservations that making Bumblebee a Camaro, and the BS surrounding that decision (No the Fans WILL know the difference between Herbie and Bumbles, and VW WAS in on being involved in the movie), but considering that Sideswipe was going to be a Lamborghini, UNTIL Bay chose the Stingray just points out that Bay cares more for his back pocket, than the fans.

The villain of this train wreck is none other than Unicron, The Fallen, a being who is actually in charge of the Decepticons, and rebuilt Galvatron Megatron. The Fallen also wants to destroy the Earth because apparently he visited Earth in Prehistory, and somehow left his mark on the world without anyone even realising it, as all ancient landmarks coincidently have Cybertronian text on them, and the Pyramids are actually built by the Cybertronians to hide a massive gun thingy, I dunno I kinda glassed over when they described it. Whereas, the good guys were after the Matrix of Leadership, a key designed to activate the same weapon, cause ya know Matrix Of Leadership just screams Doomsday Key, though along the way Optimus Prime ends up dying, though he comes back at the end. I mean if writer Roberto Orci was any more anti-canon I would have sworn he wrote Star Trek 11… wait, oh yeah he did.

This movie reminded me of the Rifftrax commentary for Episode 1 of Star Wars, where they comment that “You know what I love about my action films? When a group of characters stand in a hallway and has a really long talk…and if no new characters are revealed in these discussions, the more the better.” To that end, in this two and a half hours, either the human characters are fighting giant robots, or they are talking about fighting giant Robots, interspersed with really odd sequences of Megan Fox dressed in very little…Unlike most people, I don’t find her attractive, in fact I think her position in the movie is unnecessary, love interests have no place in Robot battle movies. Like the previous movie, the human characters are the heroes, instead of being plot points.
Once again Shia LaBeouf (Spike Whitwitcky), who is still the worst actor currently working, and I mean usually Dakota Fanning takes that title from me, but then, I haven’t had to sit through anything she’s made recently, leads this cast, and while I admit the Soldiers in this movie are well played, unfortunately everyone else, ranging from the crazed conspiracy theorist, who ends up being Spike’s roommate at Uni, to the Australian co-ed, who ends up being a robot, and the camera spent way to long on her digitally altered ass, are completely unnecessary characters to the story.

Isabel Lucas’ character brings me to a very odd point in this film, whoever wrote this movie has a thing for the Tentacle rape fetish, and no fewer than two characters partake in this practice. One, being Isabel Lucas’ character, whose tail and tongue digitally violate Spike, or a really awkward sex scene; and Soundwave, who decided to tenderly get intimate with a communications satellite, though I still wonder just how no one noticed the added mass of a giant robot bumping uglies with a satellite.

Now, when I saw the movie, I could not believe the addition of the characters Skids and Mudflap, two painfully obvious, stereotypically black characters, who are not only inherently racist, but actually made me feel uncomfortable to watch. I have gone so far to say that they are the Jar Jar Binks of the franchise, an opinion that is mirrored by many reviewers, there was no reason for adding these characters, and there is no reason to try and defend any action for their existence. The only other character whose design irritated me was Devastator, but not in the design of the Transformer, but in the fact that they gave the 41ft robot genitals, firstly Devastator is a Combiner, therefore consists entirely of the Constructicons and secondly Transformers procreate by imprinting an image onto Protoforms, NOT by reproduction.

The first half of the movie left me cold, in fact several times I was close to falling asleep, Unfortunately the second half, while could have been a lot better, managed to disappoint me. While I did enjoy the final battle… well the parts that didn’t involve Galvatron and Unicron, oh sorry Megatron and the Fallen, because ya know according to Michael Bay, the fans are stupid and wouldn’t get the references and/or name changes. Especially the Decepticon who did a commando roll…and then promptly exploded. But the Highlight for me was when Spike died… granted it was only for about a minute, but the crowd at the showing I was at cheered, and I admit, as did I, however, our cheers quickly turned to groans the minute he was resurrected…somehow, I still have no idea how though. Though he ended up having the Matrix of Leadership in his hands and held it high above him. It was almost enough for me to expect to see a particularly annoying Red sports car turn up and somehow end up becoming the new leader of the Autobots and start hearing “You’ve Got The Touch” by Stan Bush…and if you didn’t get that reference, go and watch the original Transformers Movie from 1986, then you will.

The movie ends quite poorly, in fact it just ends, Optimus Prime, resurrected using parts from a geriatric Jetfire, whose design still doesn’t make sense considering that Transformers exist for millions of years; gains the ability to fly, kills The Fallen, and destroys the Sun Blaster Cannon, the humans fight off the Decepticon army with the hell from the annoying little robots. Megatron and Starscream tuck their tails between their legs and leave the planet. As soon as the day is won, Optimus stands on the head of the Sphinx, and promptly discards the remains of Jetfire, the robot that sacrificed himself to save him, is just dumped to the ground.

Overall, the movie was a poorly constructed, poorly written, and a poorly made piece of tripe I mean I thought the original was bad, but this, truly is a horrible movie that should be avoided like the plague. It just pains me to hear that they are in fact making a sequel to it.

Michael Jackson dead, thousands grieve, this guy, just doesn’t care anymore

This is the obligatory Michael Jackson post, however unlike most of the other articles I have seen around the blogosphere, I am not here to mourn his passing considering that he died OVER A WEEK AGO. I am here however to make the point that yes he is dead, now get over it.

The world has not ended because Wacko Jacko is dead, nor will it end anytime soon, the world kept spinning that day, though if you paid any attention to the news, or internet at the time, you would think that it was the second coming of Christ…or maybe Elvis. Unfortunately his death overshadowed the passing of several other celebrities, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon, two great people who deserved a more than a foot note on that day, especially when compared to the ‘King of Pop’.

It wasn’t even the only thing that happened that day. I can still remember switching on the TV that morning after speaking to Miranda, online, who in California, had already gotten sick of hearing about it for most of the day, and to find that the free-to-air networks had dedicated their broadcast day to repeating the same damn story they started with at the top of the hour. It wasn’t until the ‘news’ where they would give you a recap of the very same story that the ‘entertainment reporter’ was just talking about that I realised that it was a better use of my time to turn on the Xbox and to give the world a miss.
The only reason that I was aware that the world just didn’t grind to a halt was the fact that I had a copy of the daily print newspaper (yes I am a hypocrite I know) that had been printed before Jackson had been taken to the hospital, that I became aware that the world kept spinning, people still went out and killed each other, and more already sick people died of swine flu.

At this point I should be at least a little bit respective about the fact that yes a man who touched millions, (though most of those settled out of court), and I am aware that his death will have an impact on the music community, but people, it was a week ago, other stuff has happened since then, we don’t need to have every single news bulletin make some old statement that they made at the news bulletin they had the day before. Yes we are aware that he is dead, yes we are aware that he was a strange man who had odd habits, yes we are aware that the Staples Center is in Lockdown… I live in Australia, I have the entire Pacific Ocean between me and California, I don’t really care that the LA Police Commissioner is advising people to stay at home, even if I went out, its not going to have much of an impact on what happens there.

I am aware that this post is going to ruffle some feathers, but this, like my current stance on Heath Ledger is one and the same. The man is dead, nothing is going to change that, however, on that same hand, I do not need every five seconds of my waking day filled with the tiniest most insignificant piece of ‘news’ that the broadcast news services have been able to dredge up from wherever they get their information from. And yes the jokes are not funny, they were not funny at 6am the day it happened, they are not funny know, though if you have any, please send them through.

On a more serious note, Twitter should NOT be a tool to get your news, yes, I am looking right at you Channel Nine Entertainment Reporter, Richard Wilkins. Jeff Goldblum is not dead, and alas neither is Brittney Spears, yes I use Twitter to inform others of new content, I however, do not use Twitter as a means to get my news.