The First Battle of Perceus Major.

The Kabal of Perpetual Darkness landed on the Space Marine world of Perceus Major with the intent of yet another profitable slave raid, however, it would seem that the Chaos Marines and Chaos Daemons had already claimed the planet for their own perverted actions. While normally we Dark Eldar would leave the other followers of Slanesh to their own devices, but the Archon promised his warriors battle, Even drawing Lelith Hesperax and her Eternal Eclipse Wyches out to join in the hunt, and following a number of stalemates, the Kabal was becoming to grow irritable, even my fellow Incubi would have had difficulty in holding back the torrent.

It was decided that we would raid the Capital of Perceus Major, that morning, Chaos Marines or no, Slanesh would have his souls from his own ranks if need be.
The battle was quickly joined, with the Archon personally overseeing the battle, even if I would have preferred it if I or Drazhar ran the campaign. Our combined armies clashed with the Chaos Marine forces under the banner of Typhus’ Nurgle Wraith, and a Daemon horde previously un-encountered by our Kabal, however, initally we where not even aware of their presence until they deepstruck our flank. While these elite forces in proper combat would have spelt doom for us, we caught them unprepared, as a result, their forces were not in adequate fortifications befitting a Slave raid.

This had not been the first time our Raiders engaged a Defiler of the Nurgle Wraith, and as like our past interactions, it was quickly rendered immobile and its battlecannon disabled; for reasons unknown to our Dark Lancers, the Nurgle Wraith prefer that their Defilers have the shock and awe of the Battle cannon, but neglect to arm it with a secondary ranged weapon. For the price of that one Defiler, we lost a detachment of Hellieons, but as they live how they fight, I do not think they are complaining.

The Plague Host was another story entirely, deciding to target Lelith Hesperax directly, there was nothing that we Dark Eldar could do to assist her other than send a squad of Scourges to a nearby rooftop. However it would seem that there was little reason for worry, as she, her Retinue, and a nearby squad of Wyches, managed to take care of the hulking beast Ku’gath that threatened the safety of our flank. The Nurgles, the beast released were also quickly mopped up, at the expense of four of our Wyches and a Warpbeast.

Despite the tactical situation favoring our pressing the advantage, both forces had overextended their supply lines, and in our case, our Raiders were full of slaves, it was in the best interests of both forces to withdraw, our great Archon, feeling charitable for probably the first time, contacted Typhus, and offered his remaining men a chance to live, by conceding this day, the ever prideful fool initially refused, but an agreement was finally reached and both forces withdrew from the field of battle. While the Warrior caste was not happy with the decision to cease hostilities, it was a favorable move, and considering the losses the Chaos forces suffered, we were victorious in the end anyway

750 points per player 2v2 end result: Draw (Victory to Dark Eldar on points)

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