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Apologies on my absence

I am in the process of updating my Beta Version of Windows 7 to the Release Candidate, at the same time Telstra has deemed that my cap has been exceeded so I am running at 56kb/s at this point in time, meaning that all my essential programs are taking forever to download. Yes I know I should have these programs already, but I guess it didn’t work properly.

Tomorrow I should be at full speed and I will have a real article out then.

This is just freaking awesome

There are reasons why I have reservations about fighting Imperial Guard… This would be the top of the list, sure I have routed smaller Guard armies, this one, well it might prove a problem.
Since receiving their Codex update, they have gained a lot of new armour. And they have received a LOT of new tech. I haven’t fought this army that has taken over a calendar year to complete, but I have thought of it, but on the same hand, that is a LOT of armour, and my Dark Eldar can only have so many Dark Lances in it.

14052009483 14052009484  14052009486  14052009496  

For more pictures of about three thousand points of Imperial Guard, go here
I will start adding pictures of my army in coming weeks as well.

First Battle of the Atrican Outlands

Atrica, is a picturesque idyllic agricultural world, on the very lip of Imperium Space, definition: large under defended world filled with lovely terrified humans to do with as we see fit. The Perpetual Darkness’s raiding parties have visited this world a number of times through countless generations, seeding rumour and legend about our existence amongst the dim-witted populace.

Because of this almost ritualistic visit, it came to a surprise to myself at the rest of the Retinue, when our Raiding Party returned quickly, and without slaves, when the pilots of the Raiding craft were brought to the feet of Archon, Punishers at their necks for such dereliction, did they report that the reason they had returned empty handed, was the presence of a Space Marine Detachment on the planet, and they did not possess the arms to conduct a successful raid.

Archon immediately ordered a second Raiding force to be mobilised, though not before putting the original pilots to the blade, Marines or no, their return empty handed was still a grievous dishonour. Relying on intelligence gathered from those raiders we let live, it was decided that a second Ravager would join us, however, instead of our normal loadout, this Ravager, would be running its original configuration of Dark Lances as there was no time to replace them with Disintegrators, this craft would be joining the Scourges that Archon had recently taken a shine to, considering the human tendency to compensate their inferior biological forms with tempered steel; we would counter their steel with Dark Lances.

We ambushed the forces of the garrisoned Shadow Forge Legion, on the outskirts of the only city on the planet; a dried creek bed separated our warriors and theirs. Archon positioned our warriors and machines perfectly, ensuring the element of surprise up until the point that the Dark Lord permitted the Ravagers to open fire.
The whine of Disintegrators and Dark Lances broke the still of an otherwise peaceful day, one Ravager wrecked the Marines only tactical armour, their Predator, while the other Ravager managed to immobilise a Rhino, stranding its loaded Infantry on the opposite side of the creek.
In an odd move, Archon ordered the Retinue to stay behind the lines, as he had discovered an odd creature on the planet, one never seen before, intrigued by it, he ordered us to capture it, so it be studied by our Master Homunculi back on Commagrah.

Perhaps in an attempt to rally their troops, a Marine Captain, with an accompaniment of Terminators, broke into the clearing, only to be picked off by the Dark Lances of the Scourges, positioned on the remains of a bridge, again earning Archons praise, the final blow however, was delivered by a squad of Warriors on the bank of the creek below, I doubt that even they were aware that they had killed the Garrison Commander of the Space Marine forces on the planet.

Our steady progress was not met by setbacks, our Talos came under fire almost immediately and was superficially damaged, it would seem that word of its brutal efficiency had gotten around. Archon was concerned of the presence of a Dreadnaught on the battlefield, and sent our lone Raider to deal with it; unfortunately, it was grounded as soon as it arrived on the perimeter, thanks in no certain way to the Dreadnaught that it was sent to deal with.

It wasn’t until the Marines had a chance to reorganise, following the complete annihilation of their Command staff, that I had my doubts as to if we were going to be able to make it out of here in one piece…it was punctuated, when the newer Ravager was driven into the side of the same bridge that the Scourges were using to pick off Marine infantry, thanks in no part to the use of a Laz-cannon mounted Razorback.

It was when the Mandrakes finally decided to surface, that I finally realised that we had this battle won. Deploying in two groups instead of one, they managed to decimate two squads of Infantry, as well as deploy their entrusted Webway Portal, bringing in our Wych Cult Strike Team, the Crimson Shadows. Sythra herself was quite pleased that she was able to rend her Agoniser into the flesh of unsuspecting humans.

With our enemy broken, our Warriors broke contact with the enemy, and joined the Retinue in capturing the creature, while the Crimson Shadows, charged a cowering Marine Squad, who took shelter behind a Venerable Dreadnaught, however, victory had been declared, we had more than enough slaves to satisfy Slanesh, and we had brought fear into the hearts of the Shadow Forge. They will think twice before interfering in our hunt.

It felt good to bring definite victory back to the Kabals chambers, to long the bitter taste of clemency had soiled my mouth, Archon proclaimed at return that this would be the first of many great victories of the Perpetual Darkness, this was the first time that I genuinely believed him.

1vs1 1500 Points per side, Objective game. Outcome: Dark Eldar victory

XBL Arcade Game Review: Star Trek D-A-C

While I was waiting for the ‘Future’ DLC content for Fable 2 to download, I noticed that there was a Star Trek game on the Xbox Live Arcade, titled Star Trek D-A-C, now I have no idea just what the blazers D-A-C stands for, I figured, what the hell I would try it out, and while I have played it a few times I still have no idea what D-A-C means

Publisher: Naked Sky Entertainment
Platform: Xbox 360 Arcade, Playstation 3 Network, PC (at a later date)
Players: locally: 2 Mulitplayer 6

Now being an Xbox Live Arcade Game I wasn’t expecting a great deal from it, and while there are a number of games on Xbox Live that are quite good, rest assured, DAC is not one of them.
Following in the tradition of movie games developed for the release of a major motion picture, this game seems heavily rushed, and while it looks and sounds awesome, that is the max of the positive points of this game.

I only had a quick look at this game, before promptly deleting it, but in that time I could tell quite easily, that there was severe balance issues between three types of ship, the Fighter, Bomber and Flagship, that the two factions: Federation and Romulan, can use. From what I am able to determine, Fighter=Bomber=Flagship but this system isn’t actually mirrored in gameplay, Fighters can destroy the other types just as easily, Bombers are destroyed by all other types, and the Flagship is generally useless.

The Game Developers didn’t supply a plot, or single player mode, so there is no reason as to why the Federation are fighting the Romulans, on the same hand, they also did not include the other major Star Trek Factions into the Multiplayer mode.

In recent months there have been a number of Arcade games costing the same price as DAC, but offered a great deal more than this half baked spectacle, who knows maybe with a little more work, a single player story mode, or more balanced gameplay this game might be a good one, but for the time being, and probably always will be, not worth the 800 points it costs. There are times when I am glad that I don’t pay for my XBL purchases, this is one of those times.

Gameplay: 2/10
Music: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Controls: 5/10
Overall Score: 6/10

Site Updates and info

I would like to apologise for the absence of posts lately, unfortunately there has been very little to write about in recent weeks, coupled with the fact that I am in the process of looking for a new job, on top of working on occasional typing jobs that I have been able to secure; this has resulted in a decline in the number of articles I’m putting out. It also doesn’t help if Telstra has spent most of the month performing testing on the local infrastructure, resulting in a sporadic, unreliable, connection.

While this has been occurring, I have been toying with the idea to once again move the blog to its own independent domain, however, like last time, at the present point in time I’m holding it off, simply because if I did, I have no real idea just what else I would put on it, but if anyone else has any suggestions, please feel free to contact us. The only reason that I have looking into this is that, we have been reaching a thousand views a month, and I am not entirely sure how long until I start getting emails from WordPress asking us to move on.

Due to my increased workload, I have realized that even if I had something to write about, the chances of me having something ready every day is entirely unlikely, considering that on Monday and Thursday, time I normally spend writing, I am usually out, this means that Mondays and Thursdays there will be no new content released, Fridays will be a report from Thursday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be about anything that arises, and I know I always say this, but I will have more content, but there will be more reviews, and more breaking news…well if there is any news.

In coming days, I have a few things I’m already working on, so please stay tuned, and don’t worry about the new guy, he means well.

The Second Battle of Perceus Major

Normally the Archon would have recalled our forces to Commoragh, to enable us a chance of respite, and to prevent our newly acquired slaves from returning to their garrison. It was quite the opposite, instead of withdrawing our forces, the Webway Portal was opened, and a Ravager emerged to replace the Hellieons we lost in the first battle, along with another detachment of warriors. While a squad of Wyches, and their accompanying Warpbeasts did venture through the Portal, my Dark Eldar brothers were in this for the long haul.

While our forces were still on Perceus, the Archon had all our vehicle mounted Dark Lancers upgraded with Disintegrators, an odd move, considering that we had a Ravager on world, and our Kabal always made sure that they ran with Disintegrators, but the Raider as well? Either Archon was paranoid, or he was expecting hostile armour, and considering the Archons past battle record, I would steer towards his precognitive abilities.
There was only one point when I had my doubts to the sanity of my Archon, which was when the forward guard of the Saim-Hann, portaled in, not only were these red armoured warriors not from our Kabal, they weren’t even Dark Eldar, but the forces of our Kindred Eldar, while the Kabal previously met this same army in battle on the Sigmus Ridge, and promptly annihilated them, their conduct in battle was as such, that a treaty was signed between the Kabal and the Saim-Hann. It was told of me later, that the Saim-Hann were to cover our weakened western flank, however we would be doing a bulk of the grunt work as their famed jetbikes would never actually see battle, having being caught in webway.

Thankfully it would seem that Typhus decided to withdraw from the region following the losses he sustained, and we were assured a swift hunt, had it not been for the arrival of the Thousand Sons on the world, and a misguided Imperial Guard Detachment under the command of Yarrick, a quick raid, was quickly becoming a pitched battle.

Almost assuming the same positions we held in the previous campaign, our lone Raider for this attack managed to score a quick and decisive blow on the sole Imperial Guard Leman Russ in the city, disabling its battlecannon, and leaving the area open for a lightning blitz by Sythra, and her Elite Wych guard; the Crimson Shadows, a group of Wyches that Archon takes great pride in bringing with us on campaign. They managed to assault the Leman Russ, and wreck it in almost customary Crimson Shadows fashion. While their victory was impressive, it was short lived, as a Guard Infantry Battalion ambushed them, Sythra herself was seriously wounded, but will survive to fight another day.

While we dealt with ‘Yarrick’s favored Ones,’ Lelith was once again directly attacked, but this time, by the Terminators of the Thousand Sons, had it not been for the positioning of our Talos, and our Scourges, resuming their old positions in the buildings, she might have been in some trouble. Were it not for the fact that for reasons unknown it either us, or the Kindred Eldar, a Necron force pulled itself from the dirt and started to fight with us against the Chaos Forces.

In a daring move later applauded by myself and the other members of the Retinue, is that we actually went on the Offensive, Archon informed Drazhar to prepare to move, after a close call from an Imperial Mech, but instead of relocating to a safer location, Archon led us on the offensive, striking one of the three Guard Infantry units, while a Beastmistress led her Warp beasts to attack another. Both results resorted in the total destruction of the cowering Infantry, and added to a general rout of Guard forces, who not only promptly fled the battle, but boarded their little ships and left the planet, but not before we took many slaves.

Lelith was equally successful, in a bold strike against armoured Terminators, she and her Retinue, managed to not only defeat the five Terminators, but their Commander as well. While the continued Artillery strikes from our Ravager on their positions failed to break their resolve, our Scourges slipped into the role of sniper, picking off their infantry. Archons Crucible of Malediction was also instrumental in the death of one of the Thousand Sons’ lesser Psykers, which paid no special part in a party from the remaining forces, seeking to parlay with Archon. Once again the Kabal of Perpetual Darkness had broken an enemy, but our generous leader decided to spare their lives.

I honestly think Archon is too soft on our enemies.

750 points per player 3v3 End Result: Draw (Point Victory Dark Eldar)

The First Battle of Perceus Major.

The Kabal of Perpetual Darkness landed on the Space Marine world of Perceus Major with the intent of yet another profitable slave raid, however, it would seem that the Chaos Marines and Chaos Daemons had already claimed the planet for their own perverted actions. While normally we Dark Eldar would leave the other followers of Slanesh to their own devices, but the Archon promised his warriors battle, Even drawing Lelith Hesperax and her Eternal Eclipse Wyches out to join in the hunt, and following a number of stalemates, the Kabal was becoming to grow irritable, even my fellow Incubi would have had difficulty in holding back the torrent.

It was decided that we would raid the Capital of Perceus Major, that morning, Chaos Marines or no, Slanesh would have his souls from his own ranks if need be.
The battle was quickly joined, with the Archon personally overseeing the battle, even if I would have preferred it if I or Drazhar ran the campaign. Our combined armies clashed with the Chaos Marine forces under the banner of Typhus’ Nurgle Wraith, and a Daemon horde previously un-encountered by our Kabal, however, initally we where not even aware of their presence until they deepstruck our flank. While these elite forces in proper combat would have spelt doom for us, we caught them unprepared, as a result, their forces were not in adequate fortifications befitting a Slave raid.

This had not been the first time our Raiders engaged a Defiler of the Nurgle Wraith, and as like our past interactions, it was quickly rendered immobile and its battlecannon disabled; for reasons unknown to our Dark Lancers, the Nurgle Wraith prefer that their Defilers have the shock and awe of the Battle cannon, but neglect to arm it with a secondary ranged weapon. For the price of that one Defiler, we lost a detachment of Hellieons, but as they live how they fight, I do not think they are complaining.

The Plague Host was another story entirely, deciding to target Lelith Hesperax directly, there was nothing that we Dark Eldar could do to assist her other than send a squad of Scourges to a nearby rooftop. However it would seem that there was little reason for worry, as she, her Retinue, and a nearby squad of Wyches, managed to take care of the hulking beast Ku’gath that threatened the safety of our flank. The Nurgles, the beast released were also quickly mopped up, at the expense of four of our Wyches and a Warpbeast.

Despite the tactical situation favoring our pressing the advantage, both forces had overextended their supply lines, and in our case, our Raiders were full of slaves, it was in the best interests of both forces to withdraw, our great Archon, feeling charitable for probably the first time, contacted Typhus, and offered his remaining men a chance to live, by conceding this day, the ever prideful fool initially refused, but an agreement was finally reached and both forces withdrew from the field of battle. While the Warrior caste was not happy with the decision to cease hostilities, it was a favorable move, and considering the losses the Chaos forces suffered, we were victorious in the end anyway

750 points per player 2v2 end result: Draw (Victory to Dark Eldar on points)