Site Updates: Doc’s going on Vacation

Hey folks, since I have been more or less trapped inside the house for the last six months, I have decided that I will be taking myself away for the weekend, leaving tomorrow, for a brief vacation before I start the winter season of Rugby Union, that and my batteries are completely drained following the fact that I have not been employed actively since November.
The fact that this weekend also falls on the same weekend and Brisbane Supanova, just happens to be a coincidence as I will be in Sydney.

Some of you would have noticed that the DocNetworks Twitter feed has gone a little stationary, despite the continued coverage, that would be because of a reason that I am not entirely sure of, but when I do log into the account, it doesn’t seem to come up, the account is not dead, and I still encourage you to add it. I have put aside any and all attempts to fix it until I return, so for the meantime, the blogs feed will be distributed through my personal twitter account, which you are all aware of, even if you aren’t on Twitter, those on Facebook, receive my Status Updates, through Twitter.

I am not entirely sure as to what kind of connection I will have when I am on my vacation, but then I haven’t picked my destination on if I can get an ADSL line out, I have picked it so I can have some time to relax.

Aside from the vacation, in honour of Brisbane Supanova, I have taken the Legion Officers BDU out of storage, there are one or two things of that costume that I was not to happy with, however, I think that after this week, it will look different, but hopefully people will still be able to tell that it is me.

With Sydney Supanova about 4 months away, I need to pull my finger out and finish my special project, otherwise it will never be finished, though I am not entirely sure as to how it will all turn out, all I know is that it will be my first legitimate project.

I have received a number of interesting and thoughtful responses from many of my readers, and I have read a number of excellent blogs. If you would like to be involved in a link exchange, where a link to their blog will reside here, and a link to the DocNetwork will sit on yours.
While I have been happy at the recent visitation, I am disappointed as I received my first flamed response, While I will normally allow all comments, unless your Matt from Russia who seems to keep using my blog to sell his promo’s, under normal circumstances, I will also respond to your comment, either on the blog, or if the issue is sensitive, I will respond via email, however, I may upset Zeiva from the TWiT Army, as I have not made my blog Pink, though I have on occasion looked into the prospect.

I have once more looked into the prospect of a paid domain, though I am still looking for the right one, if you have any recommendations of what Domain the DocNetwork should have, please drop us a line.

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