Conroy on TV…answers nothing

Following the news that iiNet was abandoning the flawed Mandatory Internet Filter, Australian news services have been inundated with reports of smaller ISP’s following the support of the big Three, in condemning the filter, and requesting that the Government abandon any and all attempts to implement it. After Wikileaks blew the lid of the blacklist, a list that I have personally read, and I would upload it so that you can see for yourself the draconian content that is being banned, content that for the most part, is legal in this Country, even if it is morally questionable, and no I am not talking about pedophilia, there are a number of homosexual and heterosexual websites on this list.

This is after Federal Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, appeared on a Panelist Interview Program, hosted on the Government owned ABC network; this program prides itself by having the option for viewers to send in questions, in either email, or video form, for the panelists to answer. According to the host of the show, Senator Conroy personally received over two thousand questions submitted, with another ten from the audience, which was the highest number of any panelist. Of these questions, he avoided the topics of Censorship, technical feasibility, and why everyone bar Christian Lobby Groups, seem to be against this. He also scoffed at the idea that the Government would use this filter as a means of controlling what Australian’s do online.

While the only ISP, who has actively taken an interest in being involved in Phase Two of the Trial is Optus, though their reasons behind this are not as clear as they were at the onset of testing, considering that while they initially only wanted to be involved if the Filter was cut down, and its application was more transparent. These days, however, it seems that the the number 2 ISP in Australia, just wants to be involved/

The Government plans on rolling out the Filter later this year, however, reports from the trial, on small scale ISP’s have encountered a number of implementation issues, and some of the participants of the trial, haven’t even begun wide scale testing, According to the Technical Director of Primus Telecom, the largest of the initial ISP’s in the trial, the filter does NOT affect Peer to Peer Services, where 80% of child pornography, (Which the government said was the reason for the filter) comes from, is not even affected by the filter. Sure, targeting P2P services will also stop music and movie piracy, but even I know that is the way to get a hold of objectionable material. 

Now, my personal opinion about the current Government are widely known, but considering the madness coming out of the party, I wont kick a man when he is down, even if I may laugh manically at him. All I do know, is that I still throw my support into the Opposition of this stupidity, and even Labor voters are joining the cause, and for that I welcome you to the good fight.

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    • March 30th, 2009

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).


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