Apparently Nerdy Girls are hot…

Slave Tikara,

…ya think?

I was looking around the blogosphere, seeing what other bloggers where writing about, trying to get inspiration to fuel my lagging idea’s, when I was taken aback by the sheer number of recent blog posts, dedicated to the admission that Nerdy and Geeky girls are now considered attractive, now this is in relation to the recent Fanboys and Watchmen movies, but to be frankly honest, this has been something that those of us in techno circles have known for years; however, this surprises me that it has taken mainstream media, and mainstream ideologies, have only just caught onto this fact.

Now I know that in the past the stereotypical nerdy girl has been a girl with dark hair, usually long, black rimmed glasses, braces and acne; these were the girls that played D&D, was in the Math Club, and were generally considered unattractive by the more popular cliques. However what amuses me, is that recently, these same popular people, will now flock to conventions, normally the domain of the nerd, just to get their photo taken with an attractive nerdy girl, that is dressed as Slave Leia (see above), or like any of their favorite Movie heroines, costumes that most of their popular girlfriends, would not even dream of wearing.

I won’t deny it, and its pretty obvious, that I am a geeky person, go figure, judging my the numbers, I can say that most of my readership is as well, at least to a degree, so the notion of an attractive geeky girl, is natural here, so normally it wouldn’t have even warranted a mention, it was only because the sheer amount of nerd girl love that the blogosphere has given us, that I felt compelled to respond.
I speak to a number of very attractive geeky and nerdy women on a daily basis, each of them incredibly intelligent, who are to one degree or another, amused at this sudden attention; hell my lovely other half for 5 years is a gamerchick, a trait that makes her highly desirable to other guys, and a source of much contention from me.

There are a number of beautiful ladies in the TWiT Army, many of whom I have the pleasure of knowing, as well as a plethora of brainy beauties who work in the tech industry, not only for their bust line, but for their grey matter as well. Ladies like Morgan Webb, Amber MacArthur, and Veronica Belmont, who all started at one point, on TechTV with Leo Laporte, or have later on appeared on the TWiT Network; all these ladies have reached primetime, the three of them regularly appear in the top three of Top 10 attractive xyz lists, and it is well deserved.

I could continue to go on about this, but realistically, what’s the point? I’ve known all along that nerdy girls are freaking hot, at least now, I’m glad the masses have realised that as well. I will be giving my geeky gamerchick her own section, to do with whatever the hell she wants, who knows she might even make her own segment.

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    • mike
    • January 24th, 2010

    i would love to lick her curves


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