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finally aka throw your money away

Recently I was watching TV, and I discovered that a company had bought a considerable chunk of Foxtel’s airtime, peddling a web service called Now it didn’t take me more than the first five seconds of the ad to come to the realization that this badly written American dubbed ad for a Windows service that seemed to neglect the fact that it did not actually have any Windows based machines in the ad, only Macs with badly overlaid Windows XP interfaces, was nothing more than a pointless money grubbing attempt to take the hard earned funds of those techno-illiterate who blindly think that services on the internet actually do what they are supposed to do, and aren’t havens for spyware, or malware.

While I was not fooled by this badly written piece of filth, I felt that as a service to my loyal readers, that I would debunk any thoughts in your heads. This website is exactly what I, and every other technocrat in the cloud has said, a scam. Do not trust this service or any of its manifestations; apparently this baloney has been popping up around the world for about two years, buying big in advertising, during major events. However if such a service was as free as they state they were, then they would not be able to afford the airtime they have been using.

That is where the cookie crumbles, no sooner do they state that this is a free service, design to speed up your computer by cleaning it up etc. However on the same hand they plaster across the bottom of their ad that “Paid subscription may be required to enact any changes” translation:

“We will fabricate as many issues we can to scare you into paying for a service that you can get for free at most websites and more convenient services by better vendors such as McAfee, Norton or ESET”

Overall, while FinallyFast might actually do what it says, when all the major antivirus services advice against visiting their site, let alone downloading any program located therein, I can say irrevocably, that this service is a scam, and should be avoided like the plague.

As for the ad, I would like to point out the fact that

  1. BSOD is not possible when checking a web based email service
  2. iMAC’s and the iBook pictured in the ad are NOT compatible with Windows based OS
  3. BSOD has nothing to do with speed or performance
  4. Internet Explorer is incapable of experiencing Firefox errors
  5. Forbes, Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal have never run any stories about Finallyfast, or any of its incarnations, in fact there is not a single piece of independent review of any of their services, not to mention that all their sites are listed as untrustworthy

I will continue to monitor this travesty of abuse as it transpires, though I hope that it is short lived. Though I fear that by that time, it might be too late for most of the naive Australian prey

So This is Windows 7?

I have been using Windows 7 for about two days, and while I find it innovative, I have already found some features of Vista that I would prefer if they retained.

My major problem was that they removed the sidebar from 7, but kept the gadgets. Now my personal set up uses the RocketDock desktop enhancer (a way to view desktop icons as a Mac style interface) which used to sit on top of the sidebar. However with the bar gone, I have had to reposition the Docking software so that I can still use the system. Too bad that I liked to be kept up to date with the weather and processor information, but now I have to minimise to the desktop. I would prefer that they brought that back.

Of my compatibility issues, I have found that only my virus scan system has issue, but still works to protect my computer from attack, so either it was a build thing, and my service doesn’t like it, or it’s a genuine issue. Other than that, MSN Messenger doesn’t seem to like Win7, despite being the version designed specifically for it.

Despite those issues, I have found the remainder of the system a real eye opener, it was initially hard to get used to the absence of a quick launch bar, however that was quickly rectified, though I still think that should not have been removed, simply because that spacing has and still is an issue on the taskbar. I haven’t really looked into the rest of the services, namely because Telstra doesn’t like me at the moment and anything that I can’t use Orbit to download times out every time.

While I assume most of my problems will go away as soon as my internet resumes normal operations in 4 days, I will be stuck with services that don’t work, or devices that my computer no longer wants to talk to.

Ah well I got better things to worry about, I’m going to Australia Day with St John Ambulance on Monday and I need to get ready for it

Obamanation? We’re too busy stuck in the Dudd Government

As an Australian, I always find the sheer amount of coverage Australia dedicates to the United States Presidential Elections every four years, especially when it is compared to the coverage it gives to Australia’s own Prime Ministerial Election to be quite bizarre. On each Election Day, Australia dedicated about two hours if that to tabulating the election results, though it was only shown on three of the forty or so channels Australia possesses. When it was Obama/McCain, the Big three channels (7, 9 and 10) in Australia dedicated an entire days worth of broadcast to covering the election, though it made absolutely no sense to me, too bad they didn’t dedicate time to actually explaining what was going on instead of just streaming the feeds from the US News services. I find it quite bizarre that when the Australian Election was happening, the American masses, where completely unaware that it was even happening, or that the Government had changed hands.

Today marks the day where Barrack Obama becomes the 44th United States President, and it is marked by another point where Australian network (not Cable) television decides to dedicate another day to show an event that would have happened in the middle of the night. I don’t really understand the overt interest in the broadcast, as I was pretty sure that when Bush was inaugurated, the Network Channels didn’t dedicate their broadcast day to showing it.

While it seems to be that a lot of people are happy about the fact that Barack Obama is the first African American President, as the Darksides Social Commentator, Terence would say, just because his skin colour is different, does not make it an historic event.
While Terence and I have known each other for a decade, and our opinions have rubbed off on each other, and are quite similar despite coming from completely different mindsets, my own take of this event has actually made sense to a lot of Americans.

While it is impressive that America has decided to elect their first non Caucasian President, but that does not mean that he will be bringing anything new to the table. He is still more or less being advised on what to do by a cabinet comprised almost exclusively of Caucasian Men, some of whom where around during the last government held by his party,

It’s not that I am insensitive about the struggles of civil libertarians, if people want to do something to benefit their nation, then I always support it, however if you just want to take advantage of Government assistance but do nothing to contribute, then that’s a different story.

I just don’t see the hype around this, Barack Obama is a man plan and simple, just because his skin colour is different doesn’t make him different. I would probably pay more attention if a woman was being sworn in, as it would be more about making history… but what can I say, America came this far by doing what they did, and that’s impressive on its own.

What’s the Shelf life of Floppies again?

Some time yesterday I was given a stack of about a hundred or so 3.5″ Floppy Disks by my father that once belonged to me yes those things, remember the thing we relied on before everything had a chip in it and could be used to store information on. I took those archaic devices to my Vista machine, and transferred the information contained therein onto an external hard drive.

Apparently, these disks service life had expired a good year or so ago, as over half of them had corrupted long before I could access their data, and those that I could access, while I could view the data, I could not do anything with it. Though in hindsight, there was nothing on those disks that was particularly important, or already woefully out of date.

Though there was one thing that I had forgotten as I scoured through the piles of plastic and metal, was just how slow these transfer mediums are compared to their modern counterparts. I mean it took me most of the night to get through them, nine hours to get through 138 mb… I have a 3 gig micro SD on my phone that takes nine seconds to process… We have sure come a long way in such a short time.

A new feature I’m bringing to the Darkside as frequent as whenever I get a lull will be Profiles in Courage, an idea I got while playing Mass Effect. I will be focusing one page for each major character in my Novel, so keep watching as I will be posting them here as well from now one.

The first Profile in Courage is the Seth Legion itself, chronicling its beginnings, and telling you never seen before information about it. I will be covering a new character every so often to keep watching to find out more about the main cast


I am saddened to announce the passing of one of the greats of film, none other than the Great Khan Noonien Singh; Ricardo Montalbán, who passed away today at the age of 88, initial reports coming out of California state that the film great died as result of old age. As a Star Trek fan from time immemorial, I am deeply saddened, as he was one of the greatest villains in Star Trek…though in reality, he doesn’t have much competition, (Sure Shinzon was a villain, but he wasn’t evil enough,)

This news has put a downer on my major news of the day, that being that of my Vulcan’s unboxing and first fire, all of which I had recorded as per promised, I am still going to include the video, as well as my review of it, well I’m hoping to, Telstra has killed my Bandwidth, so it will probably not happen this month.

Ok, the Video won’t be up right away, the upload is taking too long. I will be providing the video later on. So now I will be including my Review of the Nerf Vulcan minigun.

Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 Minigun

When I unwrapped the brown paper wrapping that contained the Vulcan, I was almost giddy, which is odd, though well deserved considering how long it took me to find this thing, and have it shipped to me. After being unable to fully experience the Vulcan since yesterday was my mother’s birthday. However, today was a different day, so I was fully able to put the Vulcan to its paces.

The darn thing is incredibly heavy, even without the 6 D Batteries, overall it is easily twice as heavy as the Longshot, though that seems to be entirely the motor. While I haven’t really lugged it around that much so I really can’t complain about its weight, though I can say that the Longshot is definitely a lot easier to carry around.

Lengthwise, it’s about halfway between the Longshot and the Recon, and it’s about the two of them combined in width. Compared to the other long rifles in my collection, the Vulcan is the least configurable, lacking the ability to extend the barrel. While it possesses three tactical rails, they are located in obscure places limiting their use.

The Vulcan’s range is the equivalent to the Longshot, however, it lacks the punch that the Longshot has, most of the 25 rounds fired from the Vulcan only made the same range because they skidded, whereas the Longshot’s rounds made it there in full.

Overall the Vulcan is an excellent Nerf Gun, and while it has an impressive rate of fire when powered, getting 6 D Cell batteries to recharge it is prohibitively expensive, while it lacks the stopping power of the Longshot or Recon, it makes up for it in rate of fire.

I’m going to start reviewing things more often, so I’ll start doing that soon

I need a break…

Hey folks, I should be looking at my Vulcan right now, and I should be shooting at whatever moves, but apparently the United States Postal Service has no concept of the Town House Compound, (where there are multiple houses on the same property, and have the same street address, however have different house numbers for example 1/4 6/4 etc.) Every time I have had something sent to me from the United States, that’s sent by the USPS, has to be sent to a different address, this time it had to be sent to my mother who works about 1/2 hour from here by car, and the post office there is to hard to get to.

Speaking of my mother, it is her birthday today so I won’t have much to talk about, though I must say as I now look over to my Vulcan that I am in a good place right now.

Happy Birthday Mum.

There will be the unboxing tomorrow

The Vulcan’s in the Country

I have been eagerly waiting for this moment to announce that my Nerf Vulcan Minigun cleared customs with no issue on January 11, 2009, at 2:05 pm, after about half an hour. More than likely I will be in possession of it sometime today at the earliest or sometime tomorrow afternoon at the latest.

So while at this very point in time, I don’t have the Vulcan, so there won’t be an unboxing just yet, I know it’s not much but all I can say about it, I was just excited when I read on the USPS tracking website, that I felt that I should tell as many people as I could.

We are still on target for an unboxing by the end of the week, though the date of the unboxing will be determined really on when it arrives. So it will end up being when it happens I will let you know