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Stand to!


Part three in the Exclusive that is The Darkside’s report on the TWiT Army Sound Off Podcast, and since we have exactly 6 days until the launch of the first episode I have been cleared to pretty much divulge all I haven’t already done so already.

While the show will be focused around Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech, the creators of the show are still seeking permission from Leo, namely to use his copyrighted logos and material, while Leo is a gracious man, I will keep you updated on that particular progress. As we are on the topic of copyrightable material, Dave has told me that he approached, and received the blessing of TheFrogman, the nucleus of the TWiT Army.

I have the honour of unveiling the Album Art of the new Podcast, (pictured above) and giving you for the first time, a taste of the theme song called “Techno-Rifle” which you can hear by clicking the following Link

The Theme was made by Paul Minshall of, maker of such TWiT Classics as the Themes for Jumping Monkeys, Net@Night and the Daily Giz Wiz. He also made the Audible jingle, so you know that everything is staying within the family.

Speaking of staying in the Family, I am pleased to announce the Hosts of this new podcast. While most of you would be aware of Dave aka NightInJail from the IRC chatroom and the TWiT Army Feed who steps in as host of the show. He is joined by Troubled and Darth Emma and a Guest commentator, who is picked from members of the TWiT Army. The guest will vary from week to week, but each is promised to be interesting and someone who has a lot to say.

Again if you want to be on The TWiT Army Sound Off, please contact Dave at the Sound Off’s address and to add to your netcast catcher client (iTunes, Zune Marketplace etc)

While this is a wrap of the info that I have, there will be a sneak peak available only on the Darkside, a promo of the podcast available here, as well as some details that didn’t fit into this report

See it First, Hear it here

Keep Watching folks.

I know my last post stated a lot of stuff (ok, it stated very little), that has caused a number of questions, granted it didn’t tell much, well that was the trade-off, I was limited to reporting only a small amount of the expected new content that is fast approaching, and in return I got exclusive access to as much data as I could get my e-hands on.

Now, as the date of Launch is fast approaching, I have been granted the permission to give a few more titbits to you, my ravenous readers. I haven’t had this much to report on since the last time I was in print journalism.

Firstly I would like to point out again, that I am not involved in this project’s development, I was just approached to break the news. I have a hard enough time keeping a blog to even think about making a podcast. Though it doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it once or twice.

While the main focus of this new project, whose name has been confirmed at least for the time being as The TWiT Army Sound Off will be a review of that weeks This Week in Tech Podcast; it will be a community driven experience rather than a user end one.

The Sound Off is the brainchild of Dave, better known as NiteInJail, Mod on the This Week in Tech IRC chatroom and creator of nearly every one of Leo’s transition screens, used in his TWiTLive video stream, which ties into the other titbit I leaked last night, but I will go into more details about that, once I get my head around it.

While I haven’t heard an entire show yet (as none are finished) I have been told that it will be a way to get to know the people behind the IRC handles and TWiT Army feeds that are mentioned quite regularly in the TWiT Networks podcasts, especially those that we, Leo included, turn to so often.

The team that are behind this venture have been hard at work for about a month now, going through the tweaking and refining process to produce what they are hoping to be a consistent 45 minute program. While I was the first person outside the development team to hear any of the podcast, I can say that this past month has been very busy for them.

The TWiT Army Sound Off is hosted for at least the next three months on the lovely servers of, owned and hosted by the lovely Amanda better known as kiwinerd in the chatroom and the TWiT Army Feed. The direct link to the podcast is and the feed for your Netcast client is, so get it ready as the 5th of January is only a week away.

If you want to be on future episodes of The TWiT Army Sound Off, then please direct your emails to Dave at the Sound Off’s dedicated account here at

Please stay tuned to the Darkside, as we are still the first place to get the scoop on this.

See if first, See it here

Watch This Space…

The Dark Side has the honour, privilege and Global exclusive to bring to you what could possibly be the start of something absolutely ingenious.

A Trio of the TWiT Armies best, have come together to release a Podcast by the TWiT Army, for the TWiT Army.

This new Podcast will be a weekly commentary of that week’s This Week in Tech podcast, produced by Leo Laporte, which in itself is a great Podcast in its own right, and from what I have been given exclusive access to, this will be no different.

While I am not at liberty to say a lot, due to the fact that it hasn’t been released yet, and they are still ironing out some kinks, what I can tell you is that it’s going to be released on the 5th of January.

I have learned from a little bird of major technical changes for TWiTLive that will make the live stream more appealing, though more on that later

So Watch this space, as more information will be revealed as I get permission from the creators to release it. Oh and you won’t see anything you see here, anywhere else as I have been given the exclusive.

See it First, See it here

Gee, thanks Telstra

What I’m doing now:
Listening to: Music: whatever’s on the Zune
Netcasts: Nothing till TWiT resumes.
Book: Marque and Reprisal Audiobook
Game: Lego Batman on the 360
Website: nothing new to report.

I had hoped that this post was to be published sometime this morning commenting about the perils of the unknowledgeable entering the domain of the technocrat, relating to an incident that occurred on the TWiT chatroom where a particular individual was requesting information on how to commit an illegal act.

However, I felt that a new post would be more prevalent as when I tried to come online, to regale in the festivities of the season, only to discover that the ever helpful Telstra decided that Christmas Eve was the perfect time to perform an overdue connection speed update that was supposed to have been performed last Friday. But what’s more is that they didn’t tell us that they were going to do it.
The only reason that I knew that something was amiss was that I was online when they started the update, and discovered quite quickly thanks to automated error messages, that Telstra’s Bigpond service was unable to communicate to the modem.

Thankfully I was the first one awake tonight, thanks to an erratic mother waking me to respond to my brother who had apparently spent the entire night throwing up, though why it took them until 8am the following morning to inform me of that I have no idea. Thanks to that, I was able to navigate through the miles of automated BS to discover that this was in fact, not a problem, but a gift from Telstra, to make up for the year and a half of lacklustre and sub standard performance.

So, er thanks Telstra even when you try and be good, you still fail.

I might still post that other blog later on, but that is a post for another day.
Merry Christmas all, I’m hoping that I’m going to start posting more often. So stay tuned.

No more Vulcans >.<

This post was supposed to be the one stating that I had purchased the Vulcan Nerf Minigun and was supposed to contain video of me using said minigun.

But alas, much to my displeasure, the only place in the local area that stocks the Vulcan told me that they had sold out and won’t get one until late January, February after their stocktake.

Now I understand that the Vulcan is an awesome device, and everyone should have one, but they should not have one at my expense.

Ah well, please enjoy my existing arsenal. I haven’t gained the new moniker as the TWiT Armies Heavy weapons guy for nothing.


That’s the CS-6 Longshot the CS-5 Recon (The black ones) the CS-2 Maverick and CS1 Phantom. And yes that is a Lightsaber.

I’ll keep you all updated with my quest for a Vulcan Minigun.
But until I do, please view the below website, and see what can be done Gizmodos article on hacking a Vulcan

Christmas Wishes and Nerf Guns

What I’m doing now:
Listening to: Music: whatever was on my Zune the last time I listened to music
Netcasts: Net @ Nite 79
Book: Star Wars Legacy of the Force 4 Audiobook
Game: Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the 360
Website: nothing new to report.

G’day folks.

I wanted to get at least one blog post out before the Christmas period, if only to wish everyone a safe and eventful Holiday season. I am not sure if I will actually get online during that period as I will be travelling between six houses for the holidays. Whoever said divorced parents meant more Christmases didn’t take into account the travel between said Christmases. It also doesn’t help when for the first time in seven years that my father will be in the state so that is one extra Christmas for me to go through.

This is the first blog post on the new Windows Live Essentials Suite, I do like the new icons, while they haven’t changed them a great deal, with the exception of MSN Messenger, they all have a yellow string that runs along the bottom of the icon. The MSN Messenger icon changed from Green Messenger Buddy to a Blue one, which seems to be a concurrent colour in the Live Suite, so it means that Windows 7 is going to be very blue. Though I find it very pleasant, I like a black interface as well.

Apart from the upgrades to Live Suite and Internet Explorer 8 Beta, which I have been using for about two weeks, and apart from the McAfee issue that was quickly fixed, I haven’t seen a problem with it except that it keeps crashing, but not closing down when it says it will, ah well it’s a Beta so I’m not complaining.

My Preppy 15 year old step sister is spending Christmas with my Mother and Step Father, and I am beginning to loathe the constant MTV and Hip-hop that I have to put up with while she is here. It’s starting to drive me insane, as this kind of programming and Music drives me nuts, sure I have to endure it, doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy it. I have a vast collection of Nerf Guns… You guys fill in the blanks. She hasn’t left her room since me and a Mate of mine decided to ambush her.

While we are on Nerf Guns, I located a Nerf Gun that I want more than anything. It’s called the Vulcan, and it’s more a Nerf Minigun, than a Nerf Gun.


Battery powered, with a thirty dart clip. I own the Longshot and Recon Rifles, but this will be the highpoint of my collection, and will be a welcome addition to the other rifles and Nerf Guns in my collection.

I am hoping that Santa, or well anyone who see’s this will get me the Vulcan, or I will buy it myself.

Merry Christmas Folks, I’m hoping to get a Xmas Eve post out, but we’ll see how that works