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Who the hell are the Ottawa Sentinels

What I’m doing now:
Listening to: Music: Death Magnetic by Metallica (still)
Netcasts: Windows Weekly Episode 81
Book: Dark Water Audiobook
Game: Supreme Commander on the 360

For the next couple of days I am job sitting for my mother. My responsibilities will pretty much be that of a secretary, though that capacity seems to be only in the event that my mother leaves to do inspections. While that is not a problem, as I have been on my Notebook for the entire time. And using the company broadband without any complaint or issue. This means that I have downloaded a lot of content for my Zune, that otherwise would have taken months to download.

I have also started chatting on the TWiT.TV mIRC channel, and I have to send out a shout out to the wonderful people there, zingwin, CriticalMass, techpops, RunicMourning and BiLLNJ, have made me feel very welcome, though while usually being the sole Aussie in the room full of mostly Americans makes for interesting conversation.

My regular readers (lol) will notice a change in the layout of this post compared to the posts I’ve made previously, that simple reason was that fact that I came to the realization that I wouldn’t always have something techy to talk about. That and the fact that my blog posts have been for the most part, quite short. Though this was simply because I was unsure as to how long was too long for a blog.
However, after consultation with a number of other bloggers, I have found the benchmark for my posts, so I will start attempting to reach that point in each new post.

It is now a week since I installed the Windows Live beta Suite, and I have to say, I am quite impressed with it, I have also got three other people interested in it as well, so that works. The new interface that I have been led to believe to be the new interface of Windows 7, which is quite clean. I must say, the change from the Vista ribbon to this Spartan interface of Windows 7 is a massive about face on the part of Microsoft. While I adapted quite easily to the new interface of Vista, thanks in part to the advice and tutelage of Leo Laporte back when he was on TV, the show then was the Lab with Leo Laporte, the descendent of his Call for Help and the Screen Savers Tech TV shows. But I also acknowledge that not everyone had the hindsight to look into the greatness that was his programming, (obviously since the network was cancelled on Australian Pay TV networks.) which might have attributed to the unpopularity of Vista, but that is the story for another post.
Though I have seemed to have gone off on a tangent so far that I don’t even remember what the point of this paragraph was.

By now you might have wondered just what in the blazers the title of my post meant, so I will explain it. I was on the twit chatroom looking for new podcasts to start listening to, when I was told to check out Sens Underground, which since all the other podcasts I was suggested were of a technical or gaming nature, I naturally assumed the same was of this one. So it was to my surprise to discover that this was the podcast for the Ottawa Sentinels. As far as I am aware, they are a sporting team, for what sport, I have no idea.

This is the first of the new look blog.