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My Name is Displeased, Mildly Displeased

What I’m doing now:
Listening to: Music: Death Magnetic by Metallica
Netcasts: the Twit Network
Book: Haven’t had the time to do it
Game: Supreme Commander on the 360

My life under the Scope:
It’s been, well way to long since I’ve updated this thing, simply because I haven’t had much to talk about, unemployment is a major pain in the posterior. Well that has changed, and as it seems, a lot has changed lately.

I would go into details but I read something in MX newspaper (a free publication given out in major cities in Australia every working afternoon). Apparently the new James Bond movie, the Quantum of Solace, will not include the cheesy one liners, the objectification of women, or blatant over the topness that we have come to love from the franchise.
So if you remove all that, what are you left with? A spy movie, just a run of a mill spy movie.
Last I heard the changes this severe they released Enterprise.

The Tech Deck:

I am now the proud recipient of the Windows Live Suite Beta, and well it looks great, I’m even writing this blog on Live Writer Beta, which works really good. It also contains Live Messenger, Live Mail (which doesn’t work really as far as I can see), Live Movie Maker (a cut down version of the maker that ships with Vista) Live Photo Gallery, and Live Call. Overall each item works as well as you expect from a version 1 Beta Release, but I encourage everyone to get it. The new MSN looks great by the way.  I haven’t had much in the way of new tech, being broke will do that though. But I am looking at getting a new Ipaq to replace the one that has practically bricked itself.

Well this is my official blog; stay tuned for another trip through to the Dark Side XD