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When In doubt Blame Telstra… Everyone else does

What I’m doing now:
Listening to: Music: N/A
Netcast’: The Tech Guy ep 483
Book: Star Trek The Next Generation: The Battle of Betazed
Game: Re-Playing CoD4
Website: no website due to my connection speeds being so bad

My life under the Scope:
This week was a lot slower than last week, and I apologise for not posting this week, I had hoped this to be a daily thing, but I really don’t get up to that much. I spent most of the week playing Call of Duty 4 locally as my connection has dropped to 29.9Kbs, going from what I’m supposed to be getting, though what I do get is a little more than dial up speeds on a Broadband 2 connection… If Telstra have anything to say about it, it’s our fault, the rest of Humanity just blame Telstra…. And no it’s NOT Vista’s fault… Okay rant over. On my life outside of the computer, I picked up an Halo 3 ODST figure the other day, which fits in perfectly with my other figures, because it isn’t a ‘collectable’ it joins the other ranks sitting around my 38″ LCD flat panel TV which doubles as a monitor, and on my 360 and Subwoofer. I might take a pic of that one day. My other collection of figures that sit in their boxes still, they sit in a larger box in my wardrobe, these I hope will make me a fortune… who am I kidding, I’ll never part with them.

The Tech Deck:

Well I got my notebook back, one day in, same day out, the software upgrade went perfectly; the hardware upgrade did not. Home Premium is obviously the superior OS to Basic, and rightly so. Windows Media connect works as long as the connection holds, but since I have a VGA Cable this has pretty much made the same system obsolete, but it is great for when I need it, or I’m feeling lazy to switch from Video 1 to PC. For some reason my ram upgrade didn’t work, though for some reason the computer while capable of utilizing 4gb of Ram, can only have 2gb of Ram installed, don’t ask me why but Chris spent most of the day trying to figure that out the hell happened. Then for some reason the second RAM slot stopped working. It’s no real consequence as it actually still runs faster now than it did on the old OS, the only difference is that the two 1GB chips were replaced with one 2GB chip.

Oh well, I’m not paid to figure out that one, and It works so I aint complaining

Well this is my official blog; stay tuned for another trip through to the Dark Side XD

Lets get this madness Started

I’ve always wanted a blog, if only to get my opinions, my ramblings or even the humdrum of my life out there.
I’ll be protoing a few different ideas and based on what works and what doesn’t will dictate what gets more exposure.

Version One will have two sections,
Each Blog will Start with the standard What I’m doing now thing:
My life under the Scope: is the basic humdrum of my life, its generic information about where I am at the point of time as well as a recap of what I’ve done between the last post and this one.
The Tech Deck: I am a Technophile, I have a lot of tech I use regularly, and things I still have yet to get. this section will be about what I’m using, how I’m using it and what I want to get. I might even do reviews if I get something new.

Okay, here we go XD

What I’m doing now:
Listening to: Music: Metallica (Master Of Puppets-Welcome Home (Sanitarium))
Netcast: This Week in Tech ep138: The Inventors Dilemma
Book: Re-Reading Halo: Contact Harvest
Game: Re-Playing BioShock
Website: Follow me on Twitter

My life under the Scope:

This week is going to be very slow for me, as I will not be working, so it means that I’m sleeping later which is good, as I didn’t like waking at 5.40, though for a reason I can’t remember, I woke up at 7.30 this morning thanks to my alarm…there had to be a reason, but nothings come up so it mustn’t have been important. I spent most of the day blasting Splicers and ripping sea slugs from young girls… of course I was playing Bioshock for the second time through. I rushed it last time, this time I’m taking it slow, trying to get the achievements I didn’t get. I was also listening to Twit (This week in Tech) podcasts, which is a great way to get a laugh and to learn things in the tech world.

The Tech Deck:

I’m upgrading my trusty and ever faithful Toshiba A200 X01 again tomorrow, going from 2gb RAM to 4gb RAM, and from Vista Basic to Home Premium, though after researching the issue, and listening to the advice of those who know better(nods to Leo Laporte and Paul Thurott from TwiT) I will not be upgrading to 64-bit as I will only be getting 3 gigs out of the four, and you only really need 64-bit if you’re using more than 4gig. I have been planning on doing this for a while, but I haven’t had the time to do so. This upgrade will assist me in connecting my 360 through Windows Media Center and to connect my Zune directly to the console as well. Though I’m having some issue considering that the Console is coded to Australia and the Zune hasn’t EVER been released here…but I’m sure that I’ll figure something out by then.

Well this is my first official blog, stay tuned for another trip through to the Dark Side XD